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Drunk Driving: The Electric Cooler Scooter


The X-Treme Cooler Scooter is exactly what it sounds like -- a cooler and scooter that come together to produce awesome drunken forays to and fro the liquor store. They come in 300 and 500 watt versions, can go 20 MPH, and have a range of 10-15 miles. It's got brakes and all that stuff, but the important thing is that you can get a drink out of the cooler while driving. They only cost $380, so I stole the money from my girlfriend to buy one. I'm gonna pack that bitch full of bourbon and beer and then cruise for hot chicks at the local college. I won't have any luck with the ladies, but I'll definitely get drunk and forget my way home.

X-Treme Cooler Scooter - Access your food and drinks on the move [bornrich]

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