Oct 5 2007D3O Protects Head/Knees From Snow Shovel

D3O Lab has developed D3O, a "specially engineered material with intelligent molecules that flow with you as you move but on shock lock together to absorb impact energy." It's being used for it's shock absorption properties, and is currently available in motorcycle gear, shin pads, hats, etc. The video above shows a moderate to severely retarded man getting hit in the head and knees with a snow shovel. I want to try. I'd pretend I was going for the knee and then *crack*, right in the face. He could use some of that orange shit to glue his nose back on afterwards.

Product Site via Beat me in the head with a shovel [neatorama]

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Yeah ummmmm if they kids wont wear a fashionable helmet good luck with this orange crap!

hey dipshit, did you not see that they can make it in black also just like on his pants. you F-ing moron! your comment is therefor completely and utterly USELESS... hmm, kinda like yourself, useless!

ouch your words are like knives now I must go kill myself, how can I live when someone hates me online, whatever!

im sure they make it in other colors, but the black on his pants is not the stuff. the stuff is inside because he feels to make sure its still there.

#5, well said. #1 and #2 you f***ed up. Kids would have no problem wearing it because it's concealed by their CLOTHES. #3 I doubt you could kick your momma's ass but she regularly spanks yours.

I can't believe if were adult here were arguing over hard play doh! And yes it is a pretty nifty idea, but kids can't even wear band-aids for 10 minutes. Maybe older teens and adults but that's about it.

TheMrs, I've seen something similar to this before and I'm not 100% sure but I think you can attach it to the inside of clothing, if not this then it's something else. So if your kid has a favorite pair of skate pants you can put thin pads under the knees. So permanent knee pads, same goes for elbows in shirts and the head in hats. I'm sure it's possible because they make knife proof hooded tops now.

Has anyone ever saturated water with corn starch? This looks like the exact same thing, but held together a bit better. If you hit the starch mixture hard, it resists the force.

I am skeptical whether this stuff really provides much protection though when it is spread so thinly.. Where exactly is the force being dissipated? Is is being spread directly sideways to the edges of the material? It seems unlikely that this would really provide all that much more protection than any other soft material. If anyone reading is a materials engineer, I'd love to hear why this could work as advertised.

blpressure, so I asked my darling 14 year old, after she watched the clip, she said she still wouldn't wear it, looks hot, kids for ya!

well your daughter is an idiot, and if you don't even try to make her wear protective gear when she does something stupid, then you're not a very good parent.

poor parenting is a problem in America.

so is obesity and stupidity.

Firt of all you mother f***ing asses you cant make teens do shit it's a given, once they are out of your site they take what you want them to wear off, F*** YOU ALL, your probabaly not even parents!

and according to TheMRS (#14) it seems angry parenting is still prevalent as well.

이 주제로 발표를 하려고 하는데 D3o에 관한 정보나 화학물질, 반응식, 결합 방식 같은것좀 알려주세요 slck630@naver.com

lmao greg! Ya themrs has a very short fuse.

@NONE hey dipshit did you ever figure that those are the design of his pants?


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