Oct 8 2007A High Tech Cross For Jesus Lovers


The WL777PB Blue LED Cross is a very high tech cross indeed. I mean, it has blue LEDs. Talk about futuristic. Not only that, it comes with fake diamonds and can be programmed to scroll whatever you want. They cost about $38, and are available from a Korean site that I couldn't read. I think I might get one. After all, nothing says "the devil is a punk bitch" better than a blue LED cross.

Blue LED Cross - religion needs a new message? [redferret]

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It looks ridiculous.

After celebrating my '1st' victory(!!), I am compelled to comment on how classy a tribute to Jebus this is.

Not only will it inspire deep contemplation of the teachings of Jesus and his disciples, it also answers a question man has dealt with since 1987;

What would Jesus have been nailed to if he were Robocop, and what would his followers wear thereafter?

Only $38? 50 Cent will pay $380,000 for one. He will have it scroll "Kanye Sucks" in his next music video.

even from a Christian stand point, this isn't the greatest idea. when faith or religion becomes someone's marketing scheme, its giving others a wrong message.

I don't think you've been paying attention to religion for the past thousand years, greg.

Screw the whole water in to wine. When is the J-man gonna start turning some mofoing water in to platinum and ice? I've been praying for a new grill for years and haven't seen shit....

And oh so true.

LOL on the korean website it says something like His word and His love flows as an LCD display...wtf.

and that site isn't a christian store, its an LCD light online store. :/ They just made one of their LCDs into a cross shape..

Um, is it saying ESL, as in English as a Second Language?

wow, this is too awesome i could get one too.!!!

praise jesus!!!

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