Sep 28 2007Your PS3 Is Watching, Judging You

If you haven't seen this already, it's a preview of Eye of Judgment, one of the PS3's first titles utilizing the Playstation Eye camera peripheral. It looks like a pretty cool game, a sort of play at home version of this thing. It's supposed to be dropping the end of October. Unfortunately I don't have a PS3, so the only card based video game I'll be playing anytime soon is FreeCell. Maybe a little Spider Solitaire if I'm feeling real saucy.

Your PS3 Is Watching, Judging You [gametrailers, thanks to Richard, Lord of Oktoberfest, for the tip]

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Reader Comments

Wow... pretty cool game...

Nice idea...but...who's to say both players aren't actually playing with all of their cards face up, instead of drawing cards from their deck randomly?

Looks like it's extremely easy to cheat in this game.

what the f*** is up with the music?

its a nice gimmick...

but the game could have been made to worked without it

Great, now my PS3 is going to know I have a small penis? It's bad enough I keep getting all these random e-mails from people about it.

Yeah, that's right. I play video games in the nude. What?!

Now geek kids can play their Magic-Style card games online without having to deal with that pesky "human interaction/socializing" thing.

I'll pick this up.

I read that you can't cheat with it, I forget why though, and yes you can play the game with out a PS3... it just doesn't look as cool, and fricken monsters won't jump out of your cards.

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