Sep 7 2007Very Large LED Screen in Beijing


A 250 meter x 30 meter LED screen was installed in Beijing as a centerpiece for The Place, which is a shopping mall located in the business district. The thing cost $32 million, is 80 feet above the ground, and actually 5 separate screens combined. It can play video games, live events, and visitors can even upload photos to view. However, it is primarily used as a virtual aquarium, with sharks and fish swimming by. Which, for $32 million, seems like a waste of money. I was just at the aquarium the other day, and they had tanks that seemed that big. And not only that, but if the attendant isn't paying attention and you have long enough arms -- free sushi.

A few more pictures and a video after the jump.



Very Large LED Screen in Beijing [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

When can I have that for my bedroom?


@1 no you can't ... it's too big for your bedroom, once you move to your own bedroom converted from abandoned warehouse then you can have that.

The Freemont St. Screen in downtown Las Vegas is WAAAAYYYY bigger than 80 feet...

...not impressed by Bejing...

I imagine all of that going to waste in an earthquake. lol

lol learn to read, its 80 ft off the ground. its 7500 square meters in size.

why cant they put it on the floor it will creat a greater illusion. like the water or a big black hole XD

Should've shown some of them video games instead.

Theres no way in hell that thing is 30 metres wide

Total waste of money.

Was there a few minutes ago. Looks nice.

And oh, LOL @ Kenton

This can become a tourism come-on.

imagine porn on that thing

hey kenton are u stupid? 250meters is like 820 feet..........

The Place, huh? Isn't that where "Kids Inc." perform?

WOW, finally I found a TV where it can show my penis on real size

Only a matter of time before someone takes a slingshot to that screen.

Just by this screen is a performance area that lloks great at night if you're lucky enough to pass by at the right time.

~ Frances

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I was in Beijing last week, at the Grand Millennium Hotel and saw the screen -- magnificent. It's a sign of China's wealth, progress, patriotism and public spiritedness that a $32m screen is put up by a commercial real estate developer for free viewing by people. Congratulations to all the people involved: you have brought great pride and glory to China.

PS: I am originally from India but now live in Washington DC, USA.


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