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Trumpet Harmonica Has Got Monster Bells


The Trumpet Harmonica, made by Hohner, is a very sweet looking harmonica indeed. The full concert octave harmonica accurately reproduces the 1907 original design, and includes five brass bells, to really blow your socks off. Just look at that style. It costs $120, and is tuned to they key of C-major. Did I mention I think it looks awesome? You know, not to toot my own horn (!) or anything, but I once played in a band with Bill Clinton. Yeah, he didn't like me at first. But then I told him I was proud of him for that whole Monica Lewinski thing, and that I cheat on my wife regularly. He gave me a big high five and we shared a moment. Then he offered a cigar, but I politely declined.

The Trumpet Harmonica: Bill Clinton's Favorite Instrument? [uberreview]

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