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Spy Sunglasses With Digital Recorder


Sure spy sunglasses have existed for awhile (I've been using mine for several years), but now they're available in styles beyond the traditional black "yes there is a camera in these glasses" frame. AND they're shipping with a personal video recorder so you can instantly watch the action or replace an SD card. They record in both NTSC and PAL and you're looking at about 510 x 492 effective pixels for NTSC. You can get them through Spycatcheronline for $1,400, which is too rich for my blood, but maybe someone out there can afford them. The only problem with these is, cool looking spy sunglasses or not, the women in the locker room are still going to scream and call security when they see you standing in the corner.

Spy Sunglasses With Digital Recorder [ohgizmo]

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