Sep 5 2007Spaceport America to Open in 2010


Spaceport America is scheduled to open in 2010, and this is the final design. Located in New Mexico, it's to be 100,000 square feet and cost about $31 million to build. Incorporating the latest in green technology, it promises to be environmentally friendly (minus all the rocket fuel). It will serve as a functional spaceport where Virgin Galactic will transport rich people here or even further into the cosmos. For poor people it will be a tourist attraction. It will also serve as the headquarters of the XPrize Cup and the Rocket Racing League and look like a public restroom toilet seat when viewed from above.

An interior shot after the jump.


Spaceport America to Open in 2010 [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

oh to be so absurdly frivalrous

it sure seems like a lot of stuff is scheduled to happen in 2010. too bad that is like a hundred years from now. or wait, it's 3 years from now! man where have i been.

^Welcome to the future Clark.

That looks enough like Battlestar Galactica imagery for me to feel sad enough to have watched the aforementioned show. SUX2BEME, if even for watching a cracking show marred by a hideous name.

b.echols: o to be so absurdly illiterate.

it looks like a giant vagina

I was going to say it looks a lot like a big vulva, but joh stamox beat me to it.

It also reminds me of the brain bug from Starship Troopers (which was obviously meant to look like a vulva as well).

I didn't know Georgia O'Keefe was designing spaceports. Especially since she's supposed to be dead. Nothing says futuristic and awesome like a giant vag.

@ 6 exactly. i was about to say so! hahaha

Isn't it amazing to see how much we've advanced in technology? We're now able to construct a "spaceport" that will no doubt be able to give birth to planes every 9 months. And not only that, but the structure itself appears to be cleanly shaven. The interior also appears to be clean and nice, but we should still be careful about STD's...

Just thinking about what the security will be like makes my ass clench...

Looking at the picture, lets just hope its not to scale......

@ the post - imo it will suffer some sort of setback (making 2010 highly unlikely) unless we have any priority-one incentives.. like alien invasion.

@13 - Joe, you poor spammer. GTFO

Do i wear my tinfoil hat now?

was Spaceport Earth already taken?

@8 - it's in New Mexico. We are required, by law, to have everything that CAN look like an O'Keefe nightmare to look as such. It's unfortunate, but it's just how things are done.

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