Sep 21 2007Sleep With Your Favorite 80's Video Games


If you have trouble sleeping at night like I do, then you should probably stop passing out on the walk home from the bar. For people who sleep in beds instead of ditches, how about these guys? It's PAC-MAN and the ghost gang, along with Pooka from Dig Dug. Each are 8"-12", and plush as hell. The whole set will run you $100 from NAMCO. I ordered a set to help weed out some of the undesirables that make it to my bed. "What video game is this guy from?" "Uhhh...Sonic The Hedgehog?" "Bitch get out."

Sleep With Your Favorite 80's Video Games [shinyshiny]

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Reader Comments

err... FIRST! But more importantly, these are cute although I cannot countenance sleeping with a Pac Man ghost....

I don't know, after buying the set of the transformer pillows, along with my poster of Gambit, my entire house looks like the 80s threw up in it already.

Thanks but no thanks.

I want to punch slow moving people in the back of the head, get out of the way you complete bastards!

Pac man eats balls.... I don't know if I want him on my bed after dark.

And Pooka has a vacuum pump.... I just don't feel comfortable with that. He should move into the Viagra age.

Haha, im totally wearing a fifty cent shirt with the three of those on it right now, bought it yesterday at a place.

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