Sep 4 2007Personal UFOs Now Available

You may have seen this video already, but I'm here to announce that the vehicle featured, the Moller M200X is to be available before the end of the year. Depending on the number of orders, prices should be around $90,000 for a model that is limited to 10 feet of levitation (and thus requires no FAA certification). A rescue configuration capable of docking with skyscrapers will run around $450,000. Now call me crazy, but I'm going to wait for the model that doesn't require a crane overhead to keep it from dropping out of the sky and killing me.

A few more videos of other Moller hover-things after the jump.

If Moller puts as much effort and quality into the Skycar as they did the following video, I think it's safe to say to say the thing will blow up before leaving the ground.

Skycar hover test

Thanks to the very cool Nick for the tip.

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Mmmmhh ... it seems quite risky... what would happen with a little bit of wind? I guess this is the reason the damn thing is tied with that rope...

That's the Roller Racer of air travel.

It's soooo cool.

WTF was with the music?! I wanted to hang myself from the ceiling fan.

It's a nice idea - we'd all love to fly.

But Moller has been touting these things for a decade and has yet to produce anything that works as well as being practical. Plus, as it only goes about 10 feet up, it might as well be a car. With a fuel consumption that makes SUVs look green, what's the point?

they should turbo-charge the development of this tech so we could say goodbye to roads and say hi to the highway (literally) but if it runs on fossil fuel, it should be crashed, again, literally XD

add: and yeah the background music sucks! xD

Oh no, OMG! ... Yay, OMG!

And what's wrong with helicopters? I just searched prices a bit and they seem to usually run under 400k, some under 100k. Of course, if a new technology is being released at such a close price then if it ever proves practical and succeeds, it probably will be much cheaper.

man i love that music.




Sorry about the caps, but that crappy video deserve all the screams in the world.

Gee.....I wonder why the first video has that spooky UFO type music and the second video has no audio at all?


Maybe it's because these machines are LOUD AS F***!

This is not a FLYING CAR
This is a shitty small plane.

Why go for a small plane when, like me, you can own big ones?

theres a huge crane... why is there a huge crane ?

i call it fake.

Is this the update?

He hasn't even taken off and there's already a...grass circle underneath him, FAKE.

The music is/was the background music to the Wonders of Life pavillion at Walt Disnet World's EPCOT CENTER.

I love that music.


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Moller's full of carp. He's been pushing these things for over two decades now. I remember when Popular Mechanics first published a Skycar story and Moller said we'd see these things in the air by the end of the decade (the article was in the early '90's) and here we are, almost twenty years later, with NOT ONE SINGLE FUNCTIONAL VEHICLE PRODUCED. I used to think it would be totally awesome, and I'd still love to have one, but it just isn't going to happen. I'm convinced he's either a con man, or a dreamer who's wasted too much money on something totally impractical.

Let's face it folks, the FAA will NEVER license these things for general sale and use. They don't even have a classification for it. I remember maybe eight, ten years ago Moller was talking about "working with the FAA to set up a new Vector-Thrust classification" but still, nothing has come of it. His grandiose schemes of having these be idiot-proofed through the creation of a "virtual skyway" grid where the vehicles pilot themselves according to pre-planned computer-controlled routes is pure fantasy; how does he expect anyone to develop this when the FAA can't even get the existing air-traffic control system to work consistently? And let's be totally honest with ourselves here: People can't drive a "normal" car right half the time. Do you really want your drunk-driving, hundred-MPH-down-the-freeway-while-talking-on-a-cellphone neighbor FLYING A FREAKING VTOL AIRPLANE DESIGNED TO OPERATE IN CONTROLLED URBAN AIRSPACE??!?!?!? Which incidentally, are generally no-fly-zones these days?

This just isn't going to happen. Case in point: This story is three years old. WHERE'S THE SKYCAR, MOLLER??!?!?!?

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