Sep 10 2007Make Your Own Lightbulb Lamps


If you're tired of lamps made of things like metal and wood that are relatively safe and unbreakable, then check out the offerings from Bulbsunlimited. They offer kits ($18 to $100) that provide the hardware (socket and plastic snaps) and a bulb marking guide to make very dangerous and fragile lamps out of lightbulbs. Of course if you're cheap you could just glue a bunch of bulbs together randomly for a similar effect. And if you're clumsy you can sit on it and be picking shards of out of your ass for months.

product site [via techeblog]

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Me and my boyfriend have fell out over sumthin similar, he thort it was art and i thort it was rubbish. Now im bak in the gay bars all over sum rubbish. They shudnt be made in my opinion.

this is really sweet.....nearly as sweet as it was 3 days ago when I first saw it.... come on geeks lets get going...

If geekologie is so behind why do you keep visting. Seriously who gives a shit.

YES Ben i do think its art!! and you can rot in hell for all i care, im not into you any more, i like group old man sex. back to the ART its soooo great, im going to get one..... with my new old gay lovers

u can hav the silly watch and the lamp

tim god damn it... im not actually gay, tim your a jerk, its a cool lamp though

To address the issue of its fragility - wouldnt it be less of a dangerous object if it was hung high enough out of the way of all physical activity?

This looks like a meth-heads BF. No more looking for things to smoke with, they're all right there.

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