Sep 6 2007Keys Find Remote, Remote Finds Keys!


So those crazy folks at Skymall are selling an invention that might actually be useful, unlike, well, most of their stuff, including this thing. It's a keyring that can locate your remote, and a remote that can find your keyring. Whee! They're made by GE and cost $45 a set, which is too expensive. But I still need them. Of course, whenever I lose my keys or remote I should just realize that 1. I don't have keys, I have a chauffeur, and 2. I don't have a remote, I have topless models that walk up and change the channel for me.

Keys Find Remote, Remote Finds Keys! [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

I tried to attach one of those keyring finders to my remote along time ago, bu that didn't work out. Why? You ask? Well, it's because (insert something halarious here)!

the whole "I'm super sexy and rich but so much so it's clearly in a joking way" humor is getting pretty stale. This site used to have really funny commentary but now it's all the same stupid shit.

it also used to have cool stuff. and now it has this 10 year old garbage and the simpsons house.

#2 - I agree
#3 - I agree

Alright great, I can't find my TV remote, well it looks like my keys will do the trick.

Wait, where are my keys?

#2, #3, and #4, if you don't like it, then leave. It's that easy!

This invention would fail when it comes to my boyfriend. He is always missing his keys AND his remote. But it is a pretty nifty invention.

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