Hidden Beer Fridge Perfect For Work

September 13, 2007


Some brilliantly brilliant genius has come up with an idea that may actually save humanity (or at least the lives of my coworkers). It's a mini-fridge disguised as photocopy paper boxes! I won't have to hide bourbon in the bottom of my desk drawer anymore -- I can stock cold beers! Oh happy day, Mr. Crafty Fridge Hider. I'm gonna grab some paper for the copier. If this guy could just disguise the secretary to look like someone I'm not cheating on my wife with, he'd be my all time hero.

Hidden Beer Fridge Perfect For Work [gizmodo]

  • At first glance, it really looks like an ordinary box. Who would thought that it is a mini-fridge under the table with the same boxes beside. Good job and enjoy your beer responsibly.

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