Sep 11 2007GPS Trip Tracker Gets You In Trouble


Telespial Systems has developed the Super Trackstick, which is a GPS based trip tracker. It has magnets on the bottom, so you just slap it on your vehicle and take off. Two AAA batteries power the thing for a month, so when you get back to your home base you just jam that thing into a USB port and it will upload your trip to Google Earth so you can live it all over again. I'd get one ($275), but I'm too afraid of my girlfriend sticking it to the bottom of my Tempo to find out where I really go when I'm "working late". You know, because when I say that I'm not really at work, I'm out being promiscuous.

GPS Trip Tracker Gets You In Trouble [therawfeed]

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LOL! It's a cool idea though, but your right, someone sneaky may use it to track you down and get you into trouble.

And psycho exes everywhere rejoice!

You no longer have to satisfy yourself with reading his blog, trying to guess his email password and "accidentally" showing up at his hang out spot 6 times a week.

Now, you can know where he is every second of every day.

No good can come of a device like this.


I wonder if my bug finder will pick this up.

You can pretty much do the same thing a with a sony DSC camera accessory.

Sony digital camera work with a GPS accessory so you can see where you were when you took the photo, you plug them both in, they interface with google earth.

then it matches up the time and date stamp of the photo to your gps device and givces you a location.

so really all you need to di is throw it in your miss'es car, then take some happy snaps and plug em in later

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