Gamercize Makes You Exercise To Play

September 25, 2007


A new version of the Gamercize exercise machine is about to drop, and it's wacker than ever. It will be available for all the new video game systems (360, PS3, Wii), and makes you exercise in order to play games. You can get a stair-stepper machine, or bike pedals, and as long as you're exercising, your remote will work. If you stop (read: your heart explodes), then your controller does too (but you'll be dead anyways). Might be a good idea for obese kids if it was tamper proof, but as it is now they would have the thing unplugged and a face full of Little Debbies before you could yell "Who the f ate the last Star Crunch?"

Gamercise Makes You Exercise To Play [ubergizmo]

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