Sep 10 2007Flying Boat A Hit With Drug Smugglers


The Brio flying boat is just that -- a boat that flies! It goes up to 44 mph and can fly over 100 miles with a full load. Making it perfect for offshore drug smuggling. The kit costs $10,000 and comes with everything except the engine (so basically an inflatable boat and hang glider). You get to choose your own motor, which is fine with me, because I'm thinking jet engine. No word on altitude tests, but based on that first picture, I'd say it gets almost high enough to kill you if you fall.

A picture and a long video after the jump, but you'll get the idea after a minute.

A glider loaded with the pure uncut. Okay, it's a stress test.

Flying Boat A Hit With Drug Smugglers [gizmodo]

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Yeah, that looks like a Darwin Award waiting to happen.

Looks like a fun first date!

And if you don't like him you can unhook his belt and push him off... Not a court in the land would hold you responsible.


Wonderful boat!

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