Sep 28 2007Cell Phone Jammer Is Awesome, Affordable


The Palm Phone Jammer is a cell phone jammer than can effectively shut down GSM 850-, 900-, 1,800-, and 1,900-MHz cell phone calls in a 30 foot radius. Oh happy day! The unit costs a paltry $166, which is a steal. My old cell phone jammer looked a lot like me waving a gun and yelling obscenities, so this might not only jam calls, but lower my blood pressure. Two birds stoned at once. Although gun waving is fun. I doubt you're going to get anyone to shit their pants with this thing.

Cell Phone Jammer Is Awesome, Affordable [therawfeed]

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I'm pretty sure these are illegal, and anyway you can make them for cheaper.

Other than being in a cinema or theatre , why would anyone want to jam cell phones? Including your own because most of us have them in our pocket all day.

I would be thrilled for every movie theater and restaurant to make use of these. People need to quit using their phones constantly out of nothing but boredom. They are ANNOYING.

I want this.

Just wait until these catch on in New York City.

stalkers, bank robbers, kidnappers and rapists around the world are ecstatic by this invention

Actualy, this seems a pretty cool thing. I mean, just, yeah. It's like those remotes used to turn off TV's.

And hey, It'd get your girlfriend/wife of the goddamned phone for three seconds.

As a frequent rider of Amtrak, I would love to own one of these devices

This is stupid. What if someone needs to make a very important emergency phone call to a family member but you have a jammer because you don't want to hear someone talk. There's a hotter place in hell for people that would use these.

its got a 30 foot radius. so if one needed to make an emergency call, they need only get out of earshot of me.

then im not annoyed, they make their phone call. everyone is super happy.

I think every public place should be using these during times when people should be muting their phones.

What did we all do when we didn't have cell phones... we waited.

Why are people so bothered by people on the cell phone? Does it really make a difference if the person is talking on the phone, or to somebody right next to them?

Sure, it's bad to talk on them in the theater, or in a library... but that's because you're not supposed to talk in those places anyway.

Jerm -

I'm not bothered by "people on a cell phone". I'm bothered by being forced to listen to half of a (loud) conversation that I don't want to hear. It's not cell phones, per se. It's lack of social skilsl in public that bothers a lot of us.

"Does it really make a difference if the person is talking on the phone, or to somebody right next to them?" Actually, it often does make a difference.

For some reason, many people on cell phones Talk Very Loudly to the person I can't hear.(And, If they're talking loudly to the person next to them, I would love it if they'd shut up.)

I should not be ablle to hear Every Single Word of your conversation as clearly as if you were having that conversation with me. Not in a restaurant, not in a grocery store, not in a train.

When these things break $100...

There will always be 100 mature adults reading or sleeping on the bus; and 1 JERK imposing his conversation on the others. That is what this device is made for.
Emergencies? Give me a break! I've heard at least 5000 moronic cell phone conversations and not 1 of them was an emergency.

Up to $11,000 fine and up to 1 year in prison.
Only the military and law enforcement are allowed to use them.
Dont kid yourself either, the law is enforced.

Google the one about the pastor serving a year in prison for setting them up all around his church, which led to someone's death that could have prevented had they been able to call 911.

And the FCC has never exercised the option of imposing a fine or imprisoning anyone.

To anyone who claims that a jammer is a bad thing because a 911 call would be blocked: You can dial 911 for free from any pay phone or landline. If there really is an emergency then you can surely find someone who will let you use their phone. Also the trains have radio systems that shouldn't be affected by the jammers.

The majority of the people that would use a jammer are decent people that are sick of the scum that have no idea of courtesy or decency. Why do good people have to put up with jerks constantly?

These should be installed in EVERY Movie Theatre, Restaurant and Cinema in the United States. I would absolutely invest in one of these!!!!

every hospital and schools should have them too.......

rick, how about in the past when we did'nt have cell phones, what did people do then?

being a military communications are some quick facts... it doesnt matter how loud you talk into the phone because it is modulated through the frequency, not the voice. unless you are using a hf radio (am) it doesnt matter if you scream on the phone..this also goes for home phones....(i remind my wife of this constantly) now this doesnt mean that if you whisper the phone makes your voice louder. it will sound like a whisper of course. the phrase "talk louder i cant hear you" doesnt apply to cell phones. we always have to remind our radio operators that yelling in the handset will usually result in a inaudible muffle. cell jammers are great. i have some guys i work with that use them in miami for the commute home. its pretty funny how upset people get when they get cut off. and they actually start to pay attention to driving after they try and reconnect 2 or 3 times. the record holder is a women who redialed 13 times. no, she wasnt calling 911 to complain about the traffic. how do i know...they have a unblocked scanner. sweet!!!

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