Sep 28 2007Aptera Hybrid Now Accepting Pre-Orders


The Aptera hybrid is actually being produced. You can put down your $500 deposit now, and see your car in about a year. It hits 60 mph in ten seconds, and is governed at 95 mph. It comes in two versions. The all electric version ($26,900) has 120 mile range, and is plugged in at night. The Hybird version ($29,900) has an efficient gasoline powered generator that achieves over 300 mpg. Not bad. I want one. Mostly because I'm growing fond of the planet and want something that makes me feel like I'm in the Jetsons. Not because I wanted a flying car or to live in the future -- I just wanted to hump the nuts and bolts loose on Rosie the Robot Maid.

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Aptera Hybrid Now Accepting Pre-Orders [ohgizmo]

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A car that's amazingly fuel efficient. Too bad there's no chance we'll ever see it on American roads as it looks like it would get dented by a small bug. No one will insure it, no bumpers, and even if it passed safety inspections, Detroit will fight tooth and nail to make sure it meets the same fate as the electric car. Big oil will find ways to kill it too. Too bad. It looks really cool.

PS: FIRST BEE-OTCH!!! I can die in peace now, my life is complete.

The Earth is running out of oil, the needle is in the red so we have no choice and Detroit and big oil will just have to deal with it.

The safety features listed on the site are fairly impressive. The vehicle makes use of composite materials, bringing the cost and weight down significantly, without sacrificing safety standards. The "cocoon" design is also a good idea.

I wish the site had financing information, though...

"DOT investigates 1,000th death in another tragic Aptera/squirrel collision"

Local environmentalist, new age shop owner, Haromny Feldberg was killed in a spectacular, albeit tragic, roll over, disintegration, fireball accident after her enviro-friendly car hit a squirrel on her driveway. Feldberg was traveling at an estimated 1-3 mph while backing out to go to the health food co-op.

A passer-by, in an H3 commented: "I've seen less dramatic plane crashes on the TV!"

Her husband, Pere Sunbeam, sobbing through his pot smoke stained beard, commented: "The last thing she said was, 'I'll remember to get the gluten free soy turkey legs.'"

Have you guys outside the UK got SMART cars? They're so small, crappy and unsafe looking, they make this look like a Hummer safety wise. I refuse to travel in the back of a Smart car, if any average car rear ends it you die.

Lollin' at #5's comment.

They look, SO, stupid. Noone'd really buy one, i mean, come on. Those Smart cars are bad enough, let alone this.

that is the coolest car i have ever seen. i want one!

Wait, so it doesn't have sun visors?

Welcome to the future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as seen from the 60's....

#6 i would be surprised if you didn't die riding in the back of a rearended smart car, since they don't have back seats. good call.

Yes, you're right missy. I was initially thinking of the tiny two seaters, but I'm sure they released a five seat Smart, at least here in the UK and it had one of those huge sunroofs. Who cares, all hatchbacks suck. They're for women and european fancy boys. Sorry guys (boy racers) but no matter how much money you spend pimping up a hatchback, no matter how loud your sound system goes, you're still a big girl.

I love the knuckleheads that are critical of the supposed lack of safety in this design without, obviously, looking at the specs.

Probably the same people that think helmet laws are lame. How many bumpers on a motorcycle?

looks super high tech.. so high tech it doesnt look really cool.

@ the car: I'm glad it'll finally see production, I've been tracking its progress since the concept stage and would like to see how it stacks up to all the hype and how it compares to category-heavyweights (in terms of attention/price) like the tesla.

@critics: suck it. automobile accidents happen every f*king second. If you really want to reduce the probability of its occurence, then get off the road and don't drive.

@detroit: gtfo

So how come they're still using gasoline mowers on the medians if we're running out of oil? What's more important: short grass or me joyriding? If we were really running out of oil, they wouldn't be wasting millions of gallons every day mowing the medians - there'd be some community service guy out there on the median with a push mower.

We're running out of oil every day, we use it up significantly faster than it's being produced. Without a doubt, our oil supplies are dwindling and people are relying too heavily that there will be discoveries of new oil reservoirs in the future - right now they're attempting to drill for oil in places that are extremely difficult to deal with because they're so desperate for new sources.

So yeah, we have the oil to mow our medians today, tomorrow... and probably 20-30 years down the line - but what happens then? Hopefully something new comes along, like this car or an alternate fuel source.

saladtosser75, quite a funny story! i loved it. but seriously, do you think it is made of paper?

there is a reason why most composite aircraft have excellent strength/weight/safety. back in the day, all air craft were composite (wood, fabric, etc.) then came metals (aluminum, etc.) now we are back to composites (787) the future looks strong and light and safe.

'nuff said.


I don’t know about other states but in Oregon, The Aptera, having three wheels, would be classified as a motorcycle, just like the ZAP is. The lack of bumpers would not cause any insurance issues.

To the people complaining about how dangerous this thing must be, could you explain how it would be more dangerous than, say, a motorcycle? In fact, since a collision or sharp turn probably won't send you flying off the vehicle and into the pavement, I'd wager it's more safe than a motorcycle in many ways.

Actually by having the third wheel on the REAR end while still having the steering and control systems in the front they have made this three wheeler as stable as most other cars on the road, actually you are MORE likely to roll over in an suv than in a design like this, with their high center of gravity.
I would trust my life in a crash further in one of these than in a neon, and really..those who are disputing the oil shortages...why the hell do you think wars are started by the US....because they can't supply their own oil needs anymore, hell in that aspect Canada could cripple the US simply by shutting off the pipelines...

We have 'em here in Canuckistan. They've been here for just about two years already, and now they're all over the place. They're especially popular in the Vancouver area, where I live.

Haven't heard of any Smart Car related mishaps yet. The ones they sell here are only two seaters - the Fortwo model.

6. blpressure wrote:

- September 28, 2007 1:10 PM

Have you guys outside the UK got SMART cars? They're so small, crappy and unsafe looking, they make this look like a Hummer safety wise. I refuse to travel in the back of a Smart car, if any average car rear ends it you die.

Aptera has released an update on it's upcoming 300 Mpg car. This car really approaches transportation from a very different vantage than does the rest of the auto industry. This car is slated to sell for $30,000 USD, and offers room for two. Here is a brief overview on the update ...


Way cool I hope that it is real I love the look and 300mpg would feal good at the pump
Way to go keep up the good work

Followup. Co hired typical auto CEO, who in turn delayed production to make it more friend for people who want to get a burger from a drive-in. That's when I asked for my $500 deposit back. Subsequently, the founders were fired.


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