Aug 31 2007Tenori-On Music Sequencer


When I first saw this thing I was so hopped up on White Out and spray paint that I thought the guy in the picture was trying to burn a hole in me with his laser eyes. I'm pretty sure he still is, but I noticed that he's holding something. That thing is the Yamaha Tenori-On musical sequencer.

It consists of a screen, held in the hands, of a sixteen by sixteen grid of LED switch buttons, any of which can be activated in a number of ways to create an evolving musical soundscape. The LED switches are held within an aluminium frame, which has two inbuilt speakers, as well as a number of buttons and a dial, which control the type of sound produced.

It's been in development for several years, and is apparently going to be released in the UK in September. I couldn't find a figure on the cost though, which means it's probably more than I'll ever have. Until then, I'll just keep making the only music I know how, the music of love. With the ladies. Lots of them. Pretty ones. Like my girlfriend when I first met her but not anymore. Oh jesus am I in trouble. Honey, if you're reading this I guess you just broke up with me.

A video after the jump.

Tenori-On Music Sequener [gizmodo]

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Hand held Fruity loops doesn't make Fruity loops any better unless you can eat it.


A new way for kids to give themselves seizures.

think i'd rather buy a ds and electroplankton

hey jeff!! that's funny, I happen to own a ds lite AND electroplankton!! i think it's quite fun to play it, but i've never had time to site down and play it longer ... some planktons are boring, though .. some do really produce a nice sound scape. the notes are diatonic or something like that, so you'll never hear any disharmonies, it will always sound somewhat nic ... EWWW, I'm soooo the nintendo-uber-NerD!!!111!

*not nic but nice ..


sorry, I was having an orgasm.
on pr0n, not on this.
This is pure shit.

I could do this with my IBM AT like two gazillion years ago.

There are already dozens of Java and Flash websites that do this. And, that looks like it's from the 80's. Paint it black or something.

When I try to imagine this writer, I think of a guy who has dated 2 girls in his life, married the second one, and is currently single and paying child support.

hahahaha...good call Brennan. It's amazing that the writer types stuff, and actually thinks 'yeah thats funny'. worthless.

The cost is £599 uk pounds. More information here

Excellent stuff. Want one.

As for the comments about the writing on this site - don't visit the site if it bothers you.

Problem solved.

thats pretty damn amazing..

Nice. Would have been nicer if they released it before this:

thats one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen. i just hope you can alter the tones. and trigger samples with it. and go on dates with it. imagine hooking it up to a projector and shooting the image at the side of your house. it would be like your house is made out of LIGHT. what a party. im so glad musical instruments are evolving again. its a new world people. its the 80s future everybody talked about in the 80s.

I like your stuff.i just hope you can alter the tones

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