Aug 8 2007Sweet Computer Cover Mod


One of my biggest problems with LAN parties is trying to focus on killing ogres while all the hot gaming chicks are trying to get up on me. Well, you wrap your unit in the new Computer Dust Cover Mod and you can kiss getting laid (ever) goodbye. Who needs computers with viewing windows and blinking lights and cables when your computer can give the appearance of going on a big game safari in Africa? Looking like complete ass is simply an added bonus!

Sweet Computer Cover Mod [Official Site]

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first motherf***ers

Remind me, why is this on here?

i like how they chose a real ugly case for the demonstration.
'washable with soap and water' - that's right, water AND soap!! incredible!

My Radeon 9800 Pro died yesterday because of dust, so I had to buy a new graphics card. My computer sits under my desk, so this is a great idea, though so was the Pet Rock(tm).


Screw ATI. Nvidia all the way. Until AMD has owned ATI for awhile that is.

Won't this cause it to overheat?

I bought yesterday to rplace my dead Radeon

There ya go dsd. You probably won't be disappointed with it. Not only performance, but nvidia delivers functionality far beyond ATI.

ATI's functionality is not any more problematic than nvidia's functionality. I'm not sure where this guy is coming from, but I do believe nvidia is dominating now.

Problem: Dust
Mission: Eradication

Solution #1:
Day 1 - I told Mom about my dust problem, and she told me to blow it away. I thought it was risky but i'm going to take a chance.

Day 2 - I've purchased some small explosives. I plan to set up four charges on the inside corners of my PC Tower. I think a synchronized blast will blow the dust away.

Day 3 - The blast was too strong. although i did eradicate the dust, it seemed that in flying out of the PC tower, the dust has charred the insides. This is going to be harder than I thought.
Mission: Failed.

Solution #2:
Day 4 - I realised that i didn't have to eradicate the dust that exists, only to prevent it sneaking back inside the PC. I came to this conclusion while eating lunch. i noticed that i couldn't taste my sandwich through the saran wrap. it seems that the Saran was creating some sort of forcefield around my sandwich. Mom was quite reluctant to give me the rest of her supply. I feel she is suspicious of my actions, but nevermind.

Day 5 - The dust inside seeped out in a smoke like manner. I feel that I've upset the dust particles. The saran forcefield is no good. I need to think.

Day 6 - After putting myself through what the PC went though, I've conluded that the saran wrap prevents air from passing through. Everything needs to breathe including the PC.
Mission: Failed

Day 7 - These are desperate times and a week into this Dust problem and I seem to be no closer to the answer. It's times like these that I doubt wether I have the intelligence to become an Inventor. I expressed my concern to Mom, she just told me to do the washing. I thought she was being insensitive at first, but soon realised she just wanted me to take a break and relax my overworked brain.

Day 8 - EUREKA! I found a strange mesh like material in the laundry last night. Mom keeps her delicate garments in it when she wants to use the Washing Machine. I have a good feeling about this.

Day 9 - It works! The mesh like material allows the machine to breathe while protecting it from dust. I have solved one of humanities biggest problems. i feel that a Nobel Prize would not be out of the question.
Mission: Accomplished

^Go smoke some more superstoned. That was retarded.

Chalk: Having owned both types, I found this: ATI's functionality lacks majorly in regards playing actual video files. FOr instance, when having a TV hooked up, during video playback, it would only do automatic full screen video to the TV if you were side by side spanning mode. If you had your TV and Monitor set up in Clone mode, you couldnt get the full screen video on the second device. You had to have your media player maximized to have full screen on TV, as opposed to full on TV and not on monitor. Other little things as well. I ended up putting my old nvidia with 1/4 the onboard RAM back in due to this, and other things.

#11 Telling me to smoke more weed is like telling your Mom to rub her clit on my nose. You know she's gonna do it anyway.

P.S say hi to you Mom for me.

First thing I've seen on this site that qualified as "usefull" and Chad only finds it as another opportunity to vie for attention.


superstoned.. just stupid, seriously, just stupid.

Regarding the heat buildup question, Computer Dust Solutions has a similar product called the ShopShield, which may cause the computer temperature to increase by up to 2 degrees C. Gaming computers may be more of a problem considering the high temperatures generated. It is important to ensure the filter bag fits loosely and allows the free flow of air to the computer.

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