Aug 13 2007Suitcase Chair


If you hate using public seating like me, then you know how important it can be to have a personal sitting device available at all times. Enter the suitcase chair. In case you couldn't tell, it's a suitcase that turns into a chair. We may have a regular da Vinci on our hands here this thing is so brilliant. I was just thinking the other day I wished that my good for nothing suitcase could transform into a sweet chair with fake carbon fiber veneer. Not only that, but the excitement of getting to pick up all my stuff after it's been dumped on the bus station floor nearly had me in tears I wanted one so bad.

Suitcase Chair [2DayBlog]

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Reader Comments

who the f*** wants to lug that shit around.

I just carry around a folding chair I stole from a banquet. Good point, #1.

Clever design? sure. But utterly pointless.

If this was actually a suitcase, it would hold shit besides a fold-up chair. Since it does not, I would say that this is simply a fold-up chair. Maybe the "suitcase" disguise is meant to make you look like less of the tool you are, carrying a chair around b/c you can't stand for short periods of time in your ridiculous high-heel shoes. So this is essentially a chair disguised as a suitcase, b/c it doesn't carry anything but the stupid chair! USELESS!

why not just invent pants with a built in chair?

I'm looking at the other photos. I think that the front and rear covers convert to the chair part. The base still hold all your shit underneath the chair in a nice little pile. Kind of like putting a tee pee on top of a small pile of your stuff. Hey look your laptop can go camping at the airport!

The damn thing looks like it weighs twenty pounds but couldn't support twelve. I'd need one for each testicle and two for my penis. I guess you could always use it as a birth control device.

Why not just sit on your suitcase?

Do they make this in a "doublewide" version? I get pretty winded carrying my tray back from the buffet to my table and would prefer to setup shop right next to the action.

@ 9 you sir, win.

Is there a clock built in to it? If not, f*** it. I don't want it.

@ 5 didnt they make that and wasnt that posted? oh and lol @ nr 11

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