Aug 14 2007Sony Develops Bendable Display


Sony has released video of a 2.5-inch display that you can bend without breaking (Note: do not attempt with your LCD). The picture quality looks bearable and I'm excited about getting my hands on one. Sony is still trying to work out kinks in the cost of production, so they're probably going to be out of my allowance's price range for awhile. Sony's thin film transistor and electroluminescent technologies make the display possible, and at only 0.3-mm thick, I think we can all agree that this television is damn near pencil thin.

Video after the jump.

Sony Develops Bendable Display [Livescience]

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Reader Comments

that's crazy, I love technology. *sigh*

but wow, no egotistical statement at the end of the summary? I'm impressed.


You say this like other people have not already developed a bendable display. Ummm, Phillips? Anyone?

Yeah, I could swear I saw that somewhere else. That's cool and all, but I want one that folds up and out to 50 inches so when I videotape my member it is actual size.

Bwa haha haha

It's OLED (organic LED), and the picture quality is amazing. 1,000,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Compare that to say, a high contrast ratio of a regular LCD screen at about 1500:1. Once they work out the kinks its going to be relatively cheap as it's manufactured by a printing process. I know sony has made a few 19-22" monitors that are only 5 mm thick. But I hear the lamp life is relatively low. Can't wait till this technology is improved and mass manufatured.

OLED's will undoubtly become marketings greatest tool in the coming years. this shit will be wrapped around soft drinks bottles, cereal boxes, newspapers etc. prepare for the future that mimics the one in Minority Report people.

@ 6

I know.. I love it

shit your right... this WILL be found on cereal boxes... are we this near to the future???


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