Aug 7 2007Minesweeper The Movie

Sadly, this would still probably be better than 90% of the video game movies out there. Although it can't compare to the film I made about Solitaire. I basically filmed myself having sex with two women at once. In retrospect, it wasn't really anything like Solitaire at all.

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what a blast..........
this could be one BOOMING success.......
i bet it wont blow up in there face when it becomes a hit.....

ka boom.

Huh. I've posted this idea numerous times as a joke. Go figure.

F***ing win and gold.

thought it should be more minesweeping

That was pretty funny. All the actors seems kinda gay though.

funny thing is i would actually like to see a full movie of this, if it where handled propelry, like an action moive or video game movie full length spoof

"why are you here soldier?" - "i'm here because i'm bored!" roflmao

Next its Pin Ball: A hero's story


Though I'm reluctant to post this, Next would be "Frogger: The true underdog"

lol! that was pretty well done.
next they should make balloon fight: the final assault

fabulous. utterly fabulous.

That was friggin' great!

No, I have no smartarse wisecrack to bolt onto the end of my comment.

"THat clock will keep ticking until it reaches 999"
"Then what happens?"
"Nothing, you just suck"


Well, that was pretty much the awesomest movie ever.

I saw this earlier today but it is just so frigging hilarious, everybody who has played it knows

Hilarious movie! One of those guys who blew up looks like Milo Ventimiglia.


14, Ha! That was hilarious!

And the other guy looks like Greg Anderson, the Prior from Stagate SG1.

welcome you to choose

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