Aug 20 2007Man's Cell Phone Explodes


In cell phone news, a man's Nokia 2115i apparently exploded an hour and a half after he connected it to it's AC charger at home. Now I'm no pyrotechnician or anything, I'm just a guy who loves fireworks, but based on the movement of the phone from its original position, the damage it took from the blast, and the smoke and soot on the floor, I'm going to throw out my own little theory here. That theory is that someone was trying to kill this man. Probably a disgruntled ex-girlfriend or wife. If it did in fact explode on its own, then wow. And if so, I just ordered one off of ebay for my (soon to be ex) wife. You didn't read this. I didn't just say that. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Oh, nuts.

Several more pictures of the damage after the jump.




Man's Cell Phone Explodes [gizmodo]

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Ring Ring... BOOM! I guess these are the new Iraq Insurgent models...

That's the reason they have a battery recall on at the moment.

Nokia admits mobile battery issue
"In a statement, the company said: "Nokia has identified that in very rare cases the affected batteries could potentially experience over heating initiated by a short circuit while charging, causing the battery to dislodge.""

Seems odd for a person to charge their phone on the floor. I wonder what that black power is? Did the phone explode with enough force to turn plastic in to a fine black residue? Also, if it exploded with a concerted outward force, why are the screen and cover not damaged? Where's the battery? It's the part that was most likely to explode since plastic and silicon aren't known for their explosive properties.

I like how there's a little chunk of his ear on the right side of the first picture.

I call schnanigans. I don't buy it.

Cobes04:Also, if it exploded with a concerted outward force, why are the screen and cover not damaged?

It appears that the front part of the cover/case was forced off of the phone when it exploded.

Atomic Mango,

I'm just saying that if there was a backwards force, where is the battery? Surely with such a great force it was ejected from the phone. I have dropped many Nokias and the first thing to dislodge tends to be the battery. Secondly, why is the keypad so far away when the cover is sitting undamaged right next to the device? It's not made of a particularly hard elastic material (they tend to be plastic buttons mounted on a flimsy rubber pad, so they flop rather than bounce). Finally, why is neither the LCD or plastic case damaged? Surely a hard force, either the explosion or the fall which dislodged the cover would have damaged something.

I'm not a forensic investigator, but I have to call shenanigans.

Seems rather intricate to fake something as silly as an exploding phone, don't you think? Or actually, you probably don't think and that's why you call this "shenanigans" . What possible plus could this person get by faking his phone exploding? 15 minutes of fame? (Who is he?) Lawsuit? (No blood in these pictures) Phone batteries explode, laptops catch on fire, the sun sets in the west. Get used to it. "Shenanigans", gad, what a dork.

Was he using that wind-powered phone charger? Does the man live in Jamaica, where Hurricane Dean just hit? If so, case closed.

That would certainly explain the pile of unidentifiable rubble!

Reading Atomic Mango and Cobes04's comments makes me feel like watching JFK. I suggest the magic bullet theory caused the demise of this nokia. It didn't explode, it was shot!


I once composited an image of a Velociraptor onto an image of the Pope, and told everyone in the office that it was real. This brought no fame to either me, or the Pope, but the confusion caused by my office wondering what on earth this had to do with advertising in the first place gave me a warm toasty feeling.

Just because someone says something is real, doesn't make it so. Anyone who thinks otherwise is exercising just plain gullibility.

But if you still think otherwise, I have a wonderful investment opportunity for you. You see I have this cousin who represent a wealthy Prince in Nigeria...

i work in the wireless industry and this happens a lot more fequently than you might think.

I charge my phone on the floor all the time,there is no place to put the phone in range of the outlet in my bedroom.

It seems legit, Look at the pic. It was partially under some sort of furniture that he then moved to get a better picture. As for the battery,I'm guessing that rubble is it.

Remember those Dell laptops that exploded? Wasn't that caused by the lithium ion battery, the exact same batteries phones use? If they are volatile when improperly manufactured it doesn't look good for a faulty Tesla Roadstar.

its a whole nokia battery series...some BL-5C model made by "Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd." are explodig all over the globe... you can go to this page ( ) to check if your battery plans to kill you... they'll replace it for free... if you aint dead yet.

*cant think of anything productive to add*

erm kaboom?

ok here's wut really happened. there really wasn't a phone at all. it was a lion. he transformed into a device that looked like a phone. see where i'm going with this. ok then the lion saw a zebra come into the room and barked and thats wut the sound was, it wasn't the phone exploding it was a bark. then the zebra passed out hit the floor and broke into a million pieces causeing all of that debris. and then pooped, hence the pink stuff next to the zebra (phone in a million pieces).

lucky for him...that phone looks like its from about 2001...time for an upgrade loser. Nokia will probably give him an N95 now just to shut up.

what a bunch of imbeciles.
who the hell cares about any explosion not powerful enough to destroy at least a full acre of land?
inhabited land.
by stupid people.
like you.

Using this old phone, he must be burned


While it's totally understandable to point out what appear to be logical inconsistencies in the story, I think Occam's Razor comes into play here - If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. We see black marks indicating an explosion. We see fragments that look like they came from an explosion. We have verifiable proof from the manufacturer of the cellphone that yes, these particular models of cellphone can (although in thankfully rare circumstances) explode.

There's no need to endlessly multiply entitities. It's rather clear this was an explosion. Though, I applaud your intense cerebral effort to prove the other extreme. If you're willing to put this much energy into something, I have a Rubik's Cube that needs solving, or taxes that need doing. I'm sure you'd be an invaluable aid, and it would keep your mind off the conspiracies that seem to multiply in your life!

Psst - The eyes on the potatoes really CAN see what you're doing. It's a plot to monitor everything you do.

I agree with 22: Occam's Razor. Pretty much all the logical arguments have been presented, so I'll make mine short.

It's possible, it's happened, it's done. Perhaps the real question is why is this particular incident so special that it merited posting on geekologie, when there are so many other neat things going on in the world that would trump this phone every day. I've seen electronic devices 'misbehave,' explode, spark, short, etc.

Either way...Luciano Pavarotti, you will be missed.

heres what happened. ok. he is being hunted by the CIA. he is an iraqui terriorist.

oh by the way did you know NASA (nasional areonamical and space administration) is just a front for the US to create nuclear weapons. they have the techonology. they can do it.

Thats some real Crazy shit

Folks, don't download those Al-Qaeda ringtones.

another failed attempt by the wife

it was the damn elephants!

I actually had to get a battery replaced for my old phone because there was a risk of explosion. Now I'm kinda wishing I kept it and blew it off in an ex boyfriend's car.

fake because screen is not destroyed and batter would have to blow through front to make all that damage but yet the phone isnt broke in half. Also black powder on floor which means gunpowder or some type of explosive powder


lithium Ion batteries are quite volitile...I have used them for years to power my r/c airplanes and helicopters and when I charge them i usually keep them in a crock pot or some other type of "battery bunker" for this very reason....when they overcharge they become hand grenades, burning in excess of 1100 degrees...this comes as no shock to me



wtf ur stupid that blak powder is probly frm the stuff in the b82ry n the other stuff isnt broke cuz it explodid in 1 place wen the b82ry burst n it fell apart cuz the guy probly shit himse4lf n droped it

i rest my case!!!

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