Aug 10 2007Levo Book Holder


If you're as lazy as I am then you know how annoying it can be holding a book. Well Skymall is selling an innovation that must have been years in development. It is a piece of crap on wheels that looks like a lamp, but holds a book! And it's only $165. I mean it may look awful, but who cares, look at the guy in the photo, he looks real comfortable. Who needs to read anyways when you can pass out under a magazine with your hands in your pants?

Levo Book Holder [OhGizmo]

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Add a high frequence flickle free read lamp will be nice. :)

dude should learn how to use torrents. who reads books anymore? ahhh my harry potter pdf has served me well.

Nice jerk off reference in description.

does it atleast turn your pages?

As horribly lazy as it may sound, I for one get tired to holding up my book when I'm reading late at night.........

And no, I'm not an old Hag, and no I'm not morbidly obese (not even by a smidgen)

But yes, my arms do get tired of holding a 1000 page book up while I lay down to read, it's imply uncomfortable

And no, it''s NOT porno so I can play with myself.......

Unless you consider Harry Potter porno.....

And look! They found an amazing and innovative use for the base of this thing: it holds books when not in use!

Seriously though, the best use for this unit is for Playboys and playing with yourself with both hands free.

It still doesn't solve all of the problems one has when reading a book. I mean, you still have to turn the pages, until they invent something like that, then f*** this thing.

For all the money SkyMall makes you'd think they could afford to put a living model in that thing. I'm pretty sure that guys dead.

How long until someone makes one out of gold and covered in diamonds?

reading is for poor people. since I'm super rich I'm read too.....I had to go get my Mexican so he could finish typing this.

THEN, not than. you geek.

@5 I know how you feel. Those books weigh more then I do damn it!

Does anyone know how to contact the writers?
I have a couple stories I think they'd like...

As stupid as it appears, it can actually be pretty useful. When i was in hospital, I had to lie flat on my back and I couldn't use one of my hands because I broke my wrist, so this kind of thing would have been really useful.
So there's the reason for its existence I suppose.

this doesnt beat my method of duct taping it to my hand

I can see that everyone is having a great time making fun of this item but it could be very useful. One, as already mentioned, is for people who do not have full use of both hands. A more common use would be for holding recipe books in the kitchen.

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