Leather Dragon Backpack

August 14, 2007


Are your attempts at scaring women and small children on the streets failing? Well then check out this leather dragon backpack made by Bob Basset of Ukraine. Bob, who if you can't tell is a dragon fanatic, made the thing entirely out of molded leather and black magic. While I can appreciate all things dragon I just have the feeling that this thing won't go over well anywhere but the annual renaissance fair (or a late night DnD session). All I know is that I used to have a real pet dragon named Firestorm and we would fly all over the world together. Until I slayed him to make the sweetest pair of assless chaps you've ever seen.

A couple more of the bag after the jump.



Leather Dragon Backpack [Spluch]

  • xnrsh


  • Rae Treadway

    I want to order one too!

  • Hell Ace

    I wanna one where I can order it?

  • Danny Roach

    I so wood like 1.... How much & if so plz email me back... roach0963@gmail.com

  • Lilly Falere Scott

    Can I place an order for one? If so email me lillystar1982@Gmail

  • I soooo want one! How much and where?

  • Marci Wood


  • Genice Wolf

    Okay, my baby(BF) wants this backpack, just not sure how to order it

  • Rastacr1984

    where can i buy it. please email me. eduardofloresl@gmail.com

  • Robert Whitaker

    How do you order the Dragon Bag and how much is it?

  • Emanuel

    Where can I buy this backpack?

  • Yuki Dragon

    i love the dragon bag where can i get one tis sooo cool and how much is it:)

  • Yuki Dragon

    where can i get one its so cool i love it :)

  • CuriousMusician

    i read this somewhere a few months/years ago, its selling at 5k each and takes more then a year to make...

  • Garos D. Hunter


  • J-

    Well... ? How much does it cost, and how does anybody order one???

  • ~ The Dragon Master ~

    Dragon slayer alert !!!    Not flying much these days, Geek writer?   Nice job on the backpack .. thanks for sharing ..   ~The Dragon Master ~   Founder & Crytozoologist
      The Dragon Society { Est. 1984 }  

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