Aug 3 2007Jake Brown falls 50ft at X-Games

If you haven't seen it, this is video of Jake Brown falling 50 feet during the X-Games 13 Big Air event. The most amazing part? He just gets up and walks away. And, yes, those are his shoes flying off his feet when he hits.

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...I feel so unfulfilled.

DamN! feet first!

Ahhhhh yeahhhh


best two lines of that video...

"Wow, I can't believe he just landed a 720"
"And can you imagine what's going through Scott Murray's mind as he's about to attempt a double backflip"

Brown's a freaking trooper though.

the video is so impressive that this is probably the first description by the geekologie guy thats not got some witty comment in it. please fix!

Had to hurt.

So when is Geekologie's 'bring your 7-year old Avril Lavigne fan child to work and have them write for you' day over? What ever happened to hiring new writers? Or did you just hire the Mensa members who write 'FIRST!!!!!!!' after each post without bothering to read any applications?

When will they learn that foul temptress gravity can not be tamed on a skateboard.

Can't believe he walked away. he slammed the ground. could you hear the announcers saying "holy shit"?

that video made me cringe ... i cant think of anything worse than that!

the "I can't believe he landed a 720" was hilarious, the guy has just felt from the sky and lays unconscious but the tv commentator talks about the 720


In MY day....we'd jump out of 10 story buildings to the ground....for the hell of it!

"Worst slam ever" my ass!

Also impressive, Bob Burnquist went next in the competition, nailed his trick and overtook Brown for first place and a gold medal. Then, in all the replays, you could see Burnquist landing his trick while Brown's shoe was still on the ramp.


it would have been better if his feet were in those shoes

*insert dane cook joke about shoes flying off here*

Is the board okay?

Pretty 'gnarly' but I guess it's basically like a large dropslide. Not half as bad as that poor bmx guy who fell nearly twice that far onto tarmac. Think he broke both his ankles.

Like, ow.

I can't believe he landed a 720 either... after seeing how un-gnarly he really is. Running in the air... sheeeesh

What would've been better is if he'd fallen all that way, and snapped his f***ing spine, the scoper. Then, everyone in the stadium would have simultaneously realised that they were a bunch of disgraceful, self-involved posers and never skated again.

Skateboarder. Half-pipe. Falling 50+ feet unscathed. Marijuana. Can you make the connection?

There's a fine difference between "just" getting up and laying motionless on the floor for several minutes then being walked off by two other people supporting your weight.

Just once I want to see a sporting event where someone falls and gets hit and the medical personal take it f***ing seriously.

If I fall like that on the street some how the ambulance techs put me in a neck collar and take me off for an xray.

No one expects me to "walk it off" or any bullshit like that. They treat it properly and, only after I'm properly cleared, would I be allowed to walk at all.

Who the heck built that ramp?? Doesn't the end of it supposed to point you up?! You don't just drift out into space like that , man.

If I bounce straight up on a trampoline, I wouldn't just veer off in midair and hit the ground...

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