Aug 17 2007Fake Video Game Consoles


Some store in a Mexican mall is selling video game consoles in boxes that look alarmingly similar to the XBox 360 and Playstation 3. Except they're called the X-Game 360 and Powerstation 3 (why not go all the way and just use the same name?). Apparently, soon to be unhappy customers will find an 8-bit NES type system in the box. The price tag in the picture is allegedly in pesos, so you'd only be out $25 if you did bite. This reminds me I should probably try to cancel the Mentendo Wee and A-hole iPoo I ordered off the website. I knew their deals sounded too good to be true.

Fake Video Game Consoles [Maxconsole]

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Ah, Mexico...The land of cheap crap, tacos, and the runs.

I like how the Powerstation is cheaper than the X-Game.


That is probably the most awesome thing I've seen this week. Usually you only see crap like this in bad movies and tv shows where the producers don't want to get sued.

umm. actually $1 american is about 3 pesos so you would be out roughly $99. but who's counting.

You're being taken, Jake. Most people get 11 pesos for their dollar. Also, many countries use the $ to signify their currency - Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Australia (I think).



X-game, haha

yeah theres a lot of stuff like that

If anyone can explain to me why I shouldn't sell cheap electronics to people who don't pay attention to what they're buying, I will gladly shut down my Midwest operations. There's too many letters in Panasoanic anyways.



well i hate to break it to you Melba but i've been to argentina and its 3 pesos to a dollar and its the same in Mexico because my girlfriend and my sister both have been there. but hey i'm not keepin track or anything.

USDMXN=X 1 Aug 17 11.089 11.089 11.089 11.114

as of today
1 dollar = 11 pesos

You guys don't know anything about the country that's geographically south of ours? with that Intel, no wonder some people thought WMD would be found in Iraq! gives you the currency exchange. upadated everyday.

why don't you upadate somebody else? (upadate means to get bored)

I apologize, Jake, I was wrong, you did not get taken. Your girlfriend and sister did.

Duh, the dollar sign was taken from the Spanish-Mexican pesos sign. So it is actually the same. Get a clue. Wiki it.

"well i hate to break it to you Melba but i've been to argentina and its 3 pesos to a dollar"
do you realize Argentina and Mexico are two different countries with two different currencies? yes they both are named peso the same way in canada or australia use dollars

$1 = 45 pesos
Carlos (the guy I bought Quban Cigars from in Tulum) said so.

Hence the comedic irony. I am funny!

I saw something similar in a manga shop in Antwerp. A console that looked a lot like a Gamecube, with the exact same controller. I have no idea what it might actually have been.

Jake you're an idiot and your girlfriend and sister got ripped off. The least I've ever seen it is about $1=9.50 pesos. So look stuff up moron

I'm Mexican and I've seen that since ever.... the best one was the DREAM STATION 64 :O (also featuring tons of super duper nes games)
and yes.... it was dog turd. what amazes me is the fact that there's a whole industry behind it... (byw they are all made in china.. we are only crap consumers, not crap makers) (i still dont know which is worse)

They're right about the "peso" in Mexico bro, it's roughly $11. In Canada, though. The "canadian dollar" is the "Loonie" (which is used interchangeably). Anyway, to get ripped off for the consoles.

For 25 dollars in Mexico you get roughly 200 super nintendo games, while on the Wii you are getting one game for 5 dollars. Ha ha ha, mexicans are getting screwed!

I took that pic!!!! I ONLY sent it to Kotaku, i didnt knew you would like pirated consoles too :D
$1 USD = $·11.5 MX
If enough people ask for it, im gonna buy one and make a full unbox. Cheers!

Anyone mentioned that these consoles where made in China?

jordi: (byw they are all made in china.. we are only crap consumers, not crap makers)

how depressing, the little mexican kids will get lead poisoning. and possible death by a lack of frame architecture..

Ya. For every $1, you get 11 pesos. It varies everyday, but that's basically the transaction.

Yea.. you, your sister, and your girlfriend got ripped.

I think in all honesty... Mexicon is only crap consumers.
The best Guitars I've come by are manufactured in Mexico.
Good luck trying to find any good ones from the U.S.

Especially my Beast Bass.
That damn thing beats the f*** out of my Les.

Hey, you fark'ing americano's. You 'no puss shete' on ow' keek ass consoles, 'no?

I juss borra keek ass next'o gen console, eets called a Mega-Supa-Segasonytendo-64 tree sixty. Eets 'da shete!

I'd pay 25 bucks just for the novelty.

Lol. This is pretty sick. I would travel to mexico, buy one, get it signed by sarah palin (like the other idiot :P), and sell it on ebay for $100,000.
One american dollar is equal to 11 pesos. How about getting the right information before posting?
The "A-hole iPoo" sounds like a good laxative. You can probably just put in a "crap" cell phone and sell it. ;)
I've actually heard of the dream station 64, also including the best game ever: Nintendo World (not at all misleading).
And I actually think they're selling a "vii", not a men-tend-to wee (pun intended).

LOL..funny. Why do white people think that adding a "o" at the end of an english word, makes it spanish???...LOL...el crapo. You are EL ESTUPIDO. And FYI the currency rate varies daily, sometimes by the hour, so none of you are right. Dont try to correct, if you dont know the right answer. RETARDOS.....!

Thank You This Is Good Postty

Thank You This Is Good Postiii

Isn't that copyright? The X-Game 360 sounds easily familliar. And the PowerStation 3..... but anyway, what if they decide to make a PowerStationPortable? This is some intresting stuff. But don't take my word for it.

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