Aug 16 2007Executive Foosball Coffee Table


Looks can be deceiving. Take for example this foosball table. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Well that is simply the most awesome foosball table I have ever seen." And I'm with you on that, I was thinking the exact same thing when I first saw it. There's just two problems. 1. It cost $6,700, and 2. It's freaking tiny! They totally trick you with that picture, what a sham. Anyways, if you have that kind of money to spend on a coffee table, call me and I'll come curl up in front of your couch indefinitely for the same price. I also come in an ottoman model.

One more picture exposing their trickery after the jump.


Executive Foosball Coffee Table [Gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

i actually really like this.. now wheres the air hockey one?

I always figured that an Executive Foosball Table would have, instead of little, plastic futbol players, little, plastic low-level factory workers and sales associates.

Maybe the opposing goalies could be the wife and the mistress.

There would be no children because, admittedly, the children get neglected.


what kind of executive works on a floor? next to a couch? with beer?
and where do i apply?

Call me crazy, but I think I'd rather buy a fooseball table for $200 and put a piece of glass over it. Then maybe trim the legs until I've achieved the desired height. I would take the money I'd saved and do money angels next to it in my living room.

It's a FOOTBALL table! FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL! Fecking FOOTBALL!!! Bloody Yanks....

How do you drop the ball in the middle of the field?

"Table fusball"/"Table football", for Jesus' sake. God only knows what America would be like if they actually had an adequate education system/didn't derive their language and idioms from Friends.

Burn in hell. Fussball/fusball, as in German?

Yeah, we're the ones with the shitty educational system. Do you know where Germany is? They even have a different language that they speak CAPITALLETTERS!

I'm making one !
5% the cost

You can find a more affordable version at
Still a unique piece for any soccer fan that is hard to find but a price you can afford.

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