Aug 10 2007Color Changing Bus Stop


The Landmark Bus Shelter was designed by a German company for use around Hamburg in an attempt to "convey a harmonious overall image of the urban area. Modern elements and clear lines enable a universal use of this bus shelter. The right side wall contains a lighting system that shines in changing colors. This provides for alternating light and color moods at night. Thus, the bus shelter is stage set as an item of street furniture and moved into the focus of attention."

What will they come up with next? I thought the addition of a bench was about as far as the bus stop could be taken. Although, I do really like this idea of color changing mood lighting. The crazy bag lady and I have been looking for something to put the spice back in our late night makeout sessions.

Color Changing Bus Stop [yankodesign]

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Eh. My bus stop has been doing this for years. It starts out grey. Then it changes to whatever weird color my pee currently is. I think it's the drugs.


I would give it about 10 sec before it was covered in grafiti or urine here in phoenix. Those urinating homeless spraypainting gangs are a real problem here.

Good plan- make a really expensive bus shelter so some punks can smash the glass on it.

The bus stop is in Germany. There will not be any smashing or vandalism to them, unlike if they were in America, land of waffles and fat asses.

Oh that comment about the spicing things up with the bag lady almost made me pee a little. hahahaha love this site.

Would be more fun to have bus stops which gradually changed from red to green as the next bus got closer.

#5: lol, glad to see that we germans seem like such peaceful people these days, though i can assure you that that thing would be scratched from top to bottom after the first night it hits the street...
too bad though, neat idea

I live in America, and in America stupid kids and fat old men would end up ruining it. I agree with #5 , we are land of sugar and fat.I am going to Europe, so I can break my leg and get good health care woo!

I agree with 9. I am from Mexico originally and all we are tacos and drink Montezuma's revenge, so I was never fat, because I always had the runs. Since I am Mexican, by nature I am lazy, so not going to work but getting paid for it is great, so I am moving to France.

I'm moving to Canada, because I'm tired of being a Mexico toucher. Wait, thats not racist right? It's okay to make fun of someone for being FROM Mexico, but not for being Mexican. Right?

The Apple iStation.

@ 10 if we all ban together we can do like the 'Sicko' movie and get a boat, gather all us who want good health care and yummie food and sail away to Europe.France or bust I say!

#12. took the words right out of my mouth.

HOw?! how did you do that?! get out of my braaaaaain!!!

That's what I'm saying. It's not my fault the French are stupid. If I can spooge off of them for the rest of my life why not. The US cuts me off after two years. France doesn't. Makes me wonder, where all the money is coming from.

couldn't they make it change color related to the next bus. Red when it's 10 minutes away, orange when it's 2 minutes away, green when it arives?

Then chequered when it finally arrives

I love the fact that this has the tag "Bag Lady."

Too bad its the only post with that tag.

I think this is way too cool, I would see people sleeping and what not inside and outside of it if it was anywhere else ....Germans are way too Gentle I believe if this things stands on its feet for long

a free disco club.

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