Aug 15 2007Cardboard PSP Arcade Cutout


Do you get so stoned that you can't tell the difference between a piece of folded cardboard and a several hundred pound machine at the mall's arcade? If so, then the Suck UK design firm has got a product for you. It turns your PSP into, well, a miniature cardboard arcade machine. Available in September, I imagine it's too high tech for the old quarter on a string trick to work. But that's okay, because there's still the laundromat. Do your laundry for free and meet the easiest women in town.

Cardboard PSP Arcade Cutout [Product Reviews]

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Not last!

Wow, you'd really have to be a moron to buy this. I thought the object of handheld games were to minimize the amount you have to hold.

Seriously, if anybody wants one of these, i could whip up a flat pattern for you in no time flat. Instead of paying these pricks for there 'product', just get the flat from me, and I won't charge you. But, if you wish to donate, I'll provide you with my bank account number.

Cool looking but stupid concept. I suppose that's what they're aiming for though, or perhaps some individuals are that stupid.

Agree with above, looks ok but is too much of a novelty to waste your money on (how much will they cost too?). You wouldn't even be able to play your PSP while its in the cereal, sorry cardboard cutout!

I have to say, I love you writing style, geekologie has always had the coolest stuff on the web and some of the best material I have ever read
Thanks for everything :)

well, so unusefull.......and so ugly....... why a car chase game?????
nothing added to would be a nice stand......with a different graphic...

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