Aug 20 2007Apple G3 Beer Server


Some crazy nutjob (read: genius) Mac fan has developed the computer of my dreams, the Apple G3 Beer Server. Now from the picture you can tell that it serves beer, which is all a computer really needs to do in my book, but allegedly it still does some computing stuff too (although I am doubtful). According to an industry professional (me), nothing quite says "Honey, I'll be locked in my office for the next 14 hours" like a frosty mug and the Beer Server G3 loaded to the gills with sexy internet pictures.

Apple G3 Beer Server [gizmodo]

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Now that we got over that...
What a sweet idea
I´m pretty sure they will target the educational market with these.
Nothing spells "Join this University" like a computer room filled to the brim with Beer Servers G3.
Well, perhaps some half-naked cheerleaders could help too. Specially when wearing rings on your fingers is being half-dressed, according to my book.
I´m a marketing genius

I've been waiting my whole life for this computer :)


finally, we have evolved!

Would'nt turning the computer on heat up the beer, and really there's nothing worse then hot beer. However cold coffee is a close second.

# 5
That has been taken care of.
the G3 comes with a liquid-nitrogen cooled graphics card that puts the PS3 to shame, and also keeps the beer at the optimum temperature of 1º Celsius.
Or at least that what I would have done....
Better make it 2 or 3 graphic cards. My porn pics deserve that and more.

HMMmm.. Beer, and a Liquid Cooled Mac, =) There is a god and smiling at me...

this is so yesterday (read: old as in old news)

Finally a real use for a Mac!

nice! my computer serves warm pee

Let Eve have her apple. Thats right, girls can have their Macs, I'll stick with my home built Frankensteins. And if he was a real man, this thing would serve wine coolers.

Makes those old Jagermiester dispensers look as entertaining as a broken lava lamp. I'm waiting for the Guinness version.

...if only my lava lamp had this much RAM.

this is awesome!!!! where can i buy one!!!?

Thats no nutjob.......his a genius!!!!! would even be better if it were running a linux distro.

that is the crazyest thing ever. god i wish i had 1. wat a good idea.

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