Aug 16 2007Airplane Security Collar


Above is the schematic for an invention by Italian Paolo Valletta that is um, well, it's like a shock collar for dogs, except it injects your neck with a tranquilizer if you start acting up on a plane. Using this device, the flight attendants would be able to knock out any passenger on the plane, or all if necessary. Which, at least for me, is entirely unnecessary. After my typical pre-flight liter of bourbon and handful of sleeping pills I'm usually peaceful. This thing would probably kill me.

Airplane Security Collar [livescience]

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"acting up" meaning..... terrorism...? Or "acting up" as in asking for decaf espresso? I want to become a stewardess now...

there is a flaw in this inventor's logic.

Your invention intrigues me. Is there anyway I can purchase this device to give to my girlfriend as a designer necklace?

This is beyond f***ing ridiculous.

And this

I don't know how things work in Italy, but in the US, I don't think people will be clamoring to attach a collar that can inject tranquilizers into their necks that's controlled by someone you've probably pi$$ed off by asking for an extra pack of peanuts.


I call bullshit. call me skeptical, but this looks a little too simple and ridiculous to be real. besides, arent pilots allowed to carry guns now? who would pass up an opportunity to shoot someone like that?

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