Jul 30 2007Possessed Books


For $25 you can get these Possessed Books, which look like regular Victorian books but contain a motion detector so whenever somebody walks by the middle book will slide out. The books also emit "spooky sounds" which I imagine to be more comical than scary. If you really want to scare people, just hide in your bookshelf, and whenever somebody walks by jump out and punch them in the face.

Product Page [Thinks You Never Knew Existed]

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I wonder if you can actually pull the books out or if it's all one piece.

Wow, nevermind. I just viewed source and watched video clip of these things "in action" They are just as horrible and cheap and ridiculous as all the other 6$ crap with a noisy motor in it to scare kids on halloween.

Kind of annoying.
Motion reminds me of porn.
It'd be better if it just slid out, stayed out for a while, then went back in.
It'd be better if the audio wasn't like VURRVURRVURR IMSCARYLOL.

Seriously, what'd be great is if the speakers had better quality and said something with various random threatening phrases that play.

It would be even scarier to reach out and stab them instead of punching them. Then you could have a good laugh about it later at the hospital with them.

I think the concept is actually pretty cool, but they turned it into a cheap halloween trick.
The book should pull out once the motion detector is triggered, and then stay out for 5-6 ish seconds, and then go back to normal. It'd be way creepier that way.

And I say the best fun is chucking books at 'em from behind the bookshelf. That way, it's creepy AND destructive.

is it OK if I just continue using my powers of black magic to do this trick?


I've been paying a homeless man $1 a week to do this for me.

There was only one thing on this site worth buying. USB Pole dancer!


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