Jul 9 2007Papercraft T-Rex automata eats caveman

anitrex350.gifFlying Pig has created this amazing T-Rex papercraft automata which they describe as:

A super fun animated paper model for you to pop out and make. Turn the handle on the terrible T.Rex and he reaches down and bites! The T.Rex catches any object placed beneath his might jaws with the power of paper. Awesome! Includes free anachronistic cave man for your T.Rex to eat. Follow the fully illustrated instructions and, with an evening or two of your time and a tube of PVA glue you can have this delightful model for your collection.

It's even more impressive that it's completely constructed from paper and glue. Sort of like my car. My horribly depressing car.


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The question is : Will it eat, say, younger siblings?
Or rather...
Does it come in larger sizes?

um... cavemen and dinosaurs didn't exist at the same time.

^^ Patently false; the historical documentary cartoon "The Flintstones" clearly shows cavemen and dinosaurs coexisting.

Does it bite off the head of said caveman?
And if it does, does paper blood squirt everywhere?

If not, I'm not interested.

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Jesse: Look up the word anachronistic, found in the description.

Ninja Trebuchet, oh lawd, lol.

What. They're charging money for a papercraft? That's bull >:( I'll cut it out myself to save money. Screw the T-rex. I have an RO novice papercraft who'll shank it to death anyway. Nyyooo.

What? Ninjas had trebuchets, didn't they? No? Uh oh.

Dinosaurs and cavemen never existed at all. Their fossils are a lie put there by God to test our faith, right Pastor Al?

wow betsy, just wow. i think that was better than the article itself. i hope you applied.


that gif would make an AMAZING user icon.

besty that was good

i have 3 girls give me a blowjob at once

to besty go to hell

The Christian Extremists believe that the dinosaurs were wiped out in Noah's flood. That's whats so wonderful about this: You can market it to them and it's not blasphemy!

betsy : LOOL that post is awesome, loved it!

When I was at the tower of London their is one of those when there is a person and a guard, when you wind it up...the guard cuts his head of with an axe.

blatant copypasta is obviously copypasta.

nuff said.

i'm guessing this is one of the new writers they brought in, a paper car being depressing?? oh man i miss hedo, this is a poor substitute

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