Jul 16 2007NOW Watch


Have friends? Want to get rid of them? I'm sure the NOW Watch can help you out. From the product site:

The most accurate time piece ever invented! Precisely accurate in all time zones throughout the entire universe. A timely reminder of the only moment that really matters - NOW. The NOW watch consists of reflective metallic lettering on a traditional watch face that rests on a black leather cuff band. The black unisex design fits all wrists on both men and women.

It's a fun idea, but it should come with an ice pack, because every time somebody asks you the time and you whip this out and tell them "Now" you're going to get punched in the eye. Or the stomach. Or the crotch. And all for the low low price of $49.95.

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Good, another timepiece.

Does it have an alarm?

"When in the movie does this happen?"
"Now. You are looking at Now Now. Everything thing that is happening now is happening Now."
"Well go back to then" "We can't" "Why not?" " We missed it" "When?" "Just now"
"When will then be now?"

Only $50!? I'll order a dozen!

GuySmiley has this watch in black and red. The alarm does not work for GuySmiley. GuySmiley can't figure out how to set the alarm, it always says, "LATER".

#4 wins for spaceballs quote.

I pity the fool whose watch CAN"T TELL TIME.

That looks exactly like my watch, except mine tells time. That would be funny the first time, but after a while, you'd look like a d!ck. Awesome Spaceballs quote v*nman.

I'd buy one if it had a clock in it.

oh wow. spaceballs. haven't thought about that movie since the darth vadar costume post.

ludacris speed ahead.

I'd buy that as a joke gift for a friend or something.
Or maybe even for myself.
If it wasn't $50.

Lol @ #3. exactly what i was thinking.

That's like the "it's a freckle past a hair" joke, except saying that doesn't cost $50.

Or saying, "It's time for you to get a watch!"

If you've got a voice like the guy from movie commercials, you can always say, "The time is now," and run off.

That's what I'd do.

Major freakin' win.

50 bucks to be a smark alec? Sure!

my friend steve had a watch that said NOW on it first....about 7 years ago! And it still works.

Its a really cool thing! where can i get one? (yes am actually serious)

And i thikn this watch is for people reading alot of Eckhart Tolle and practicing the power of NOW, as sort of a reminder. So maby it wasnt a joke when it was invented :)

Where can i get one?

How can buy it? Can you sent adress my e-mail? I dont eng very well?sorry:)

I am looking for a new kind of watch. I can't help my self to view the wall clock and check what time is it.

Can I use paypal to buy this one?

HI where can I buy one? THanks

Where do I get one?

ik wil heeeeel graag zo', NOW horloge waar krijg je die??

I want the NOW watch where do you get it????

I want more information!! where do i get it??

I love it! What other time is there but now? I think you should make many of these in different styles... would be great gifts! I would buy for myself and friends who "get it". Namaste!

I want to buy this, is that really the product site? I don't see a store


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