Jul 26 2007Machine Gun Violin


This is a violin designed by artist Wei Lieh Lee to look like a machine gun. Yeah, a Stradivarius is pretty nice, but last I checked a Stradivarius never gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a boner.

Violin [SVA]

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I'd like to have this just to bring to the airport.

Uh...add 1 to the list of people this gave a boner to. Al Capone must be begging for resurrection right now.


I'd rather have a machine gun that looks like a violin, thankyouverymuch.

Now if they could only get it to shoot bullets AND play symphonies.

I'd buy it.

If Robert Rodriguez directed Miller's Crossing...

Rather reverse of my grandfather, who keeps an ACTUAL machine gun in a violin case in the back seat of his 1941 Packard.



now only if they made a sax that could launch rpg's...

That would go over well at little Timmy's school recital.

Given it's more than passing resembalance to the m16a2 it's an assult rifle rather than a machine gun.

I'm guessing they got influenced from Gunslinger Girl. I haven't seen the series, but I know henrietta likes pulling out guns from eher violin case

Yea i was thinking gunslinger girl too, except it would need to be a p90

i m an electric violin player, i could use this in my arsenal.
i would like to make contact with the artist.
if it is functional , perhaps to purchase or use for photo-shoot.

Zef Noise

Go Gunslinger Girl!!!!
Awesome series
any more anime fans around?

Now with respect to the violin, I agree 100% with comment #1.
Last time I tried to take a plane with that violin... well, let me say that I didnĀ“t make it to my concert, but instead they offered me a nice long vacations in Guantanamo.

Not New, not his invention.

This is called a "ESCOPETARRA", and it was first made by a Colombian musician called Cesar Lopez.

Search on google

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