Jul 20 2007Lego salt and pepper shaker



Designer Joel Hesselgren put together these salt and paper shakers using nothing but Legos. And - I don't think I'm supposed to tell you this - human skulls! Dum dum dum!

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nice, I might do this.


That's actually almost practical.

I love it! :)

if only i could build a working nuclear sub out of legos...
but i'll settle for a salt and pepper shaker :D

The line between genius and insanity has been blurred even further.

They already sell these at LEGO stores (I got mine at the one in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA). The new ones are in the shape of a mini figure head, but the old ones (like the ones I got a couple years ago) were oversized LEGO bricks.

Just found a pic: http://i24.ebayimg.com/07/i/000/83/8c/ea15_1.JPG

what if the the salt & pepper were legos to?? or your plate?? or the whole world??? my imagination works in strange ways. : (

This couldn't be sexier wearing nipple clamps.


you're saying it has n't plural, that's like saying your momma doesn't have an anus

LEGO is the singular and the pural like Sheep - you don't say sheeps do you?

In fact as the closest translation of LEGO is 'play well' that makes perfect sense as you wouldn't say 'Plays Wells' would you?

It's a clever concept expect that it's totally impractical to make it out of actual lego as salt and pepper would get trapped in the bases of the top blocks and would be impossible to clean right.

the plural of box is boxen! goose is geese but moose is moosen! - Brian Regan

Yeah, I have the lego-man-head salt-n-pepper shakers. They also have a similar egg-timer.

#11-13:i told you, my imagination works in strange ways, words that make sense dont make it to my brain :(

why do they intend on making us suffer, to pull off that lego piece covering the holes everytime i wanna open or choose salt/pepper.

Why would you want to buy a salt and paper shaker? Who puts paper on their food to add flavoring? It doesn't really taste like anything... : P

^^ Haha, I hadn't even caught that till your little joke.

Can it get any better? Ive never liked LEGO stuff but this is way too cool...:D

Would'nt the salt/pepper get caught up in the "cap"?
whenever we remove the cap it will create a big mess on your table.

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