Jul 31 2007Human Tetris Round II

What's that you say? One round of Human Tetris just not enough? I couldn't agree more.

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that actually looks pretty hard!


if you can't jump through a hole, you fall in what appears to be a pool of pee!

Hmmmm... THIRD!!??

+|-|@+$ @||
(@|\| |_| |234|) +|-||5??

1 [)0|\|ยด+ +|-|1|\||< `/0|_| (@|\|.

|}|_|+ 1|\| (@$3 `/0|_| (@|\|, |3+ |\/|3 |<|\|0\X/

Best thing I have ever seen. Ever.


That's funny. Japanese have the best game shows! And, yeah, the way that one guy looked... was that pee???

for the love of all that is holy, will someone please bring this to US television?!?!? F. Murray Abraham to host naturally.


lol saw this a while back. hahah funny stuff

i wish we had this one tv too. but they only show Takeshi's Castle... which is also quite fun!!!

I don't think there will ever be an American version of this show or any other funny Japanese show. The Japanese people appear on these shows for honor and good fun. Americans want huge cash prizes. If a Japanese person gets hurt on the show, they laugh it off. If an American gets hurt, they call their lawyer.

Human tetris is just never enough.

#12 you are correct.

we don't take ourselves as seriously as americans do. I think some persuasive writing to the right people will remedy this siutation.

"15. Vink - June 21, 2007 7:26 PM

me chinese. me play joke...........................

They fell in pee pee! yes oh yes!!"


22. Vahn M. - June 22, 2007 12:03 AM

#15, Most older Chinese and Koreans hate Japanese. Go back to touching yourself and stay ignorant to the world.

I saw this shit not too long ago, but I realized that it was old, but I couldn't find any more of it."

"27. Vink - June 22, 2007 6:33 PM

lol @ lesbian boy (lesboy) getting carried away with my lame half-assed joke


Enough beating the Human Tetris to death -- get back to beating NES knockoffs and Optimus Prime cakes to death! Oh you're one step ahead of me. Curses.

What I want to know is who is the lucky bastard who gets to wear the sweat suit instead of tights.

#12 Sadly you are probably right, which is depressing. Though I don't think anyone ever sued Fear Factor and that was some pretty horrible crap.

Though I see what you mean about cash prizes. I can't imagine a big prize for human Tetris.

Anyone know what channel this is on in Japan? Maybe TVU has it or something.


They are all comedians, actually.
and they are not doing that for prize.
you know what a comedian does.. to make people laugh.

the last one had wentz eiji so it was better... LOL

lol, the australian big borther ripped this off

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