Jul 23 2007Horrible bed design


Looks like somebody finally invented the world's most comfortable bed. Because why roll around when you can lie there perfectly still.


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oh dang

oh dang

This is PERFECT! I hate lying on my back and don't like lying on my right side, but that left side... perfect for sleeping.

And if my natural sleeping activity veers from my intended sidesleep, I will be negatively reinforced with some hardwood highfive!

THird! Technically, second, but unitard went twice... hmm.. name's fitting

Wow...the perfect bed for a virgin

The dude the used as a design has some big feet.

I bought one of these.
Does anyone know where I can find a fitted sheet?

you would think with such big feet, he would not be sleeping alone.

And round feet. Or he had on shoes. But at least it convenient to move and stack stuff on.

That could make for a few fun positions.....

How do ya f*** on it?

I'd hate to be the monster under HIS bed...

That bed looks like murder!

Which makes me wonder how police will make the chalk-outline around whoever dies because of these beds.

This would be great for when you let your drunk friends stay over.

"Here you go mate, she's all yours..."

Martha says pairing the bed with a matching lap dance barcalounger is a good thing

I'd hit it.

Pfft i cant hide my porno magazines underneath that...

why is the headboard so big?

this is old, far too old for geekologie, whats going on these days?!

is he wearing roller blades

no. platform shoes.

This bed is by a guy called Domanic Wilcox. This is part of his masters in graphic design (thats right not furniture) his 3d pieces gradualy turned into a career in product design but this bed is simply ironic humour, a one off piece for an exhibition. Google him hes got a web site.

:) i know the guy who designed it:) he did a lecture in the uni I study- in chelsea UAL:)
dominic wilcox:)

wow... this would be great.. for a 30 yr. old virgin.. who sits on their computer
on myspace for joy. yepp:)

The bed was designed by Dominic Wilcox www.dominicwilcox.com

How ODD :-) but its amazing how one came up with this kind of bed

wow very Cool :)

WOW. My college teacher just came up to me and said i have that bed... that explains whyshe is a ginger virgin

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