Jul 20 2007Gold Hello Kitty Business Card



This is a Hello Kitty business card made out of real gold. The business card commemorates Hello Kitty's 33rd anniversary and is made from 99.99% pure gold. It's a limited edition and costs $85. I just like how they made it as if it were a real business card. Friendship Ambassador? I'm totally putting that on my business card. Although I'm not sure why it also has her sign and blood type. Weirdest business card ever?

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You've got to be f***ing kidding me.
A gold business card?!



Hold on:
So this is supposed to be a business card for what, exactly?
It looks like an internet profile thing.
I mean really....Zodiac sign?

And why would you advertise your blood type?

Japanese people take blood types very seriously. For them -- it's sort of like a Zodiac sign -- and conveys personality traits.

Correct me if I'm wrong... but aren't business cards something you give away? ... not buy?

My hotdog tastes like grape flavored fire.. Yeah... that makes about as much sense.



The reason (as wierd as it is) that the zodiac sign and blood type are listed is because in Japan those are viewed as very powerful indicators of personality type, especially the blood type. It is commonly asked on school entrance forms and job applications. In fact, it is not uncommon in Japan for a perfectly qualified person to be turned down for a job because their blood type is viewed as incompatible with the rest of the office.

Crazy huh?

#5 stole my words...

Ohwell. Koreans do, too.
I dunno why. *shrug*

Learn something new every day.

I guess you will need a job after spending $85 for a business card.

apparently this is my business card- has my birthdate and bloodtype... solid.
i also have a solid gold flyers, webpages, and promotional pens.
King Midas does my marketing.

The thing that freaks me out about Hello Kitty is that she has a boyfriend called Dear Daniel.

friendship ambassador? what a coincidence! that's my job too!

Isnt blood type A the universal donor ? I'm not sure, i flunked math...

AB is the one that's universal. And what does this have anything to do with math?

O is the universal donor. AB is the universal RECEIVER.

Would people buy business cards for like,$600, and give them away? thas whack ppl!

It wondrrful !!!

Looks pretty sweet.

I bet it's way cooler to hold it.

Way too expensive for most, but I bet for high ticket industries this baby commands attention.

hi o yea i love you hello kitty your the best

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