Jun 18 2007Nintendo DS Pencil Stylus


If a regular stylus just isn't gimmicky enough for your Nintendo DS, you can get one of these pencil-shaped ones. They're only available in Japan and are like a regular DS stylus except thicker. Although personally I just use a regular pencil on my DS. It doesn't work at all and only scratches the screen, but that's a small price to pay for looking cool.

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Reader Comments

lol, I love it! First??

When are Nintendo going to listen to my demands!? (interrobang, for my good friend there)
I have so far (to date) had my bowie knife, tampon, monkey paw and (my favourite) Freddie Knive glove stylus ideas rejected. THESE are all common everyday items I carry on my person.
Yeah I know what you are thinking "What kinda freak carries around a tampon?" ... well I say, "Hey, the're GREAT for bullet wounds"...

i kinda want one, just 'cos the regular DS stylus is just too f***ing thin.

Vanman, look familare? its about the size of your dingaling.

Don't ask how i know.

Joe Mamma, I whip it out in public and get arrested for vulgar display of power. Keep lobbing the essence of your adolescence at others, I'm sure it will stick.

vanman, almost all these comments have not been me. I have been busy using everyone elses names and do not really use joe anymore, but unlike everybody else on here I do not care. Some of his comments are better than I can do.

I was speaking to Joe. It matters not what name he/you are currently using. Joe is joe. If joe has abandoned his name, I would think its because it's damaged beyond repair. Even Brownian couldn't save that moniker. Care for a homework assignment, Joe, wherever you are? Make a new name, only post under it, and try to keep us ignorant to you real identity. That should keep me satisfied until summer break is over and you head back to middle school.

Make sweet passionate love to me Joe, I need you deep inside me.
I love cock!

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