Jun 27 2007Motorcycle Engine USB Hub


Some awesome folks in Japan have created this replica of a motorcycle engine that also happens to be a USB hub. Turn it on and the thing rumbles and makes noises like an actual motorcycle engine. And because that wouldn't be weird enough on its own, this thing is also a USB hub. So you can run your USB gadgets through it while letting it rumble on your desk. Because, you know, sure, why not?


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Finally! Something to drown out my noisy ass fan. People tell me to clean the blades, but I say pshah! I'll drown it out with my USB Easyrider...

Now the geeks can fantasize too!

FIRST, mofos!


and this is great, I've been looking for something to plug my USB pencil sharpener into

....Because every nerd/geek knows exactly what a motorcycle engine looks like.

if it were a real scale motorcycle engine, then I'd get one. but just making motorcycle *sounds*? sorry, pass.

and it's not even a v-twin!

I WANT ONE - I WANT ONE - where do I get one!!!! - I bet both of my bro's would love one as well - reminds me of a BSA or Triumph.

Ether way up I WANT ONE!!!

Cobra, maybe you should ask for a life first. The thing is gheyyyyyyyy as hell.

What? No smoke?!

brother gave me one for xmas,superb.have real thing in dinning room.just love that triumph sound

had one of these and a cock ring for christmas,both fantastic but this most fun if with company.Buy one,so much fun. engine is good to.

quote: and it's not even a v-twin!
Thank god for that! The last thing we need is more useless cookie-cutter v-twin garbage. I'll take a parallel twin any day over a v-twin, unless it's my Superhawk :)

I think it's supposed to be a "generator"? So it looks like it's running all your peripherals. Duh?

It's based on a Triumph parallel twin. Notice the triangle plate. Very cool.


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