Jun 11 2007Levitating Light Bulb


This floating light bulb is part of an art exhibit that will be shown at Sonar in Barcelona later this week. It's electromagnetically levitated and powered wirelessly so that it'll be on while floating in midair. If somebody could make a commercial version I'm sure they'd be hugely popular. Just like me. With the ladies. Rowr!

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I guess you can only use some of the methods developed by Tesla when it's in an art exhibit.

f*** David Bowie.

man that would be so cool in my living room =P


i am from barcelona, will tell you about it ;)

I almost had an idea like that. But I couldn't think of it.

what happens if you put your hand between it? would it fry?

Over a hundred and sixty years of R&D finally pays off. What should I start working on next?... I think people might like to see a transparent clone of myself photograph a million miniature nude Spencer Tunicks... on mars!

it doesn't look lit in the picture

It looks like it may have been photoshopped... look at the line of color difference that continues from where the light part of the lightbulb meets the other part.

Re to "look at the line": Actually that looks more like the shadow of the box above the bulb, but I thought it was traces of photoshopping too at first. :]

All I can say is.... would you? Would you REALLY?

... Yeah, I would too...

how would that work wirelessly only a fluorescent bulb will work by teslas theory, it must have a resonence reciever hidden in it or something

Nah, it's clearly using a flux capacitor

I went to see this at Sonar and it was pretty unremarkable compared to the rest of the exhibits in the same showcase.

You weren't allowed to touch the bulb or even wave your arms around it, so whats the point, it might has well have been on a string if you cant actually go anywhere near it.

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