Jun 27 2007Human CD Holder


The Human CD Holder features human figurines positioned to look like they're holding up your CDs. The guy seems pretty weak though, since the holder is pretty small and can only fit a few CDs. Unlike me. I'm strong. I can hold, like, ten at a time.

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Who the hell uses cds anymore though?

Do you know if they happen to make a model of this product that includes a clock? Cause that would be SOOOO FREAKIN SWEET!

yeah cd's are old I just implant data directly into my brain, who doesn't


He's not lifting it with his hands! Gives new meaning to 'rock out with your cock out!"

ANd Before I get the CD holder, I'm going to get this little piece of obvious homo-erotica!

Sixth, biatches!

he's taking a shit, that's why he's not focused on just flipping that damn box over like it's nobodies business. just get a miniature toilet under him already!

Back in WWII we used to sing songs about 'em... "Ten at a time for a dime, ten at a time for a dime."

They should come up with a way to store all my discs, other than the damn spindles ive got.

"hey buddy, that's a 'team lift' item!"

Seeing as that's holding 9, it can probably hold 10 too.

I'll never get bored of seeing ugly nay garish "furniture" designed with zero inspiration designed to "help" you store all your shit. I think this would look perfect in a box of crap sitting behind the Salvation Army.

CHAD you say you have SPINDLES of disks? Well then. Why not draw some zest from this article and invent something worthy of "selling" to "intelligent people" online? Imagine say a big cardboard box with that velvet painting of dogs playing cards drawn on it shittily with crayon. THAT WOULD SO SELL!!!!!!

Where does the little guy think he's going with all of those cds?

I get Hermando my mehicano man servant to hold my shit.

occasionally he holds my cd's as well.

i don`t want to have a little wooden man with hernia in my room

Mine's cooler. It has flesh, curly hair, cute lips, the works--it's a REAL human CD holder, unlike this poor copycat.

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


that guy IS holding like 10 CDs already so u r not that strong if u can only hold 10 @ 1 time!!!! WEAKLING!!!!! >:)

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