Jun 8 2007Gold And Diamond USB Stick


This USB stick comes in either 14 or 18 carat gold and is available with diamonds for $3,500 or without diamonds for $2,800. It doesn't even list the storage capacity because, well, who cares about that crap. The only goal when you buy something like this is to show off how rich you are. Personally, I just tape a bunch of cash to my USB stick. $100 bills, baby. That's how I roll.


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Reader Comments

Is 20 pound for the weight like 30 pounds if a guy lifts?

No gym for home, work out floor with 30, but is it for 20 like 30 lb when you no lift it to be for men, for 30 lbs instead? or half is 10 for 20 pounds?

gold luxury a lot but how diamond more money no if diamond is hard? if soft is bend to not why diamond is?


If I ever see anyone with this I will slap the shit out of them and then take it.

Anyone carrying one of those is just asking to be jumped.

Notice how they don't mention the capacity of the USB-stick; not that they'd sell it, but it better has 10gb space in there... Or is it just a wee little brick of gold you can stick up your usb-port?

Pure gold USB stick: For the "posh" dweeb lying dormant in every sweaty, pizza-faced degenerate nerd out there who want to show off a little bling without losing that oh-so-important Geek factor.

hahaha! AmyB, that answer is priceless.

this site needs nude pics

That just seems like a waste of money. I mean, come on. Who needs this?!?!

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