Jun 20 2007Froggetmee Combines Spoon And Chopsticks


Froggetmee is a combination utensil similar to the Chork which combines a soup spoon and pair of chopsticks. It costs $8 off shopmodi, though I don't understand how they named it. I know it's tough to combine 'soup spoon' and 'chopsticks' into one word, but 'froggetmee' isn't even close. It's like they just dropped something on their keyboard and went, "Yeah, that's a good name for this."

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two tailed sperm...CALLED IT!

This product is what I've been waiting for all my life and the solution to all my problems

Finally a Gadget I can buy!!

But wait, what I'm going use it for?

I have looked into the design of this, um.. utensil. Apparently connecting the chopsticks at the end is for safety purposes. 1,500 Americans die each year by sticking chopsticks up their noses in an attempt to impress their fellow diners. By connecting the chopsticks at the end we can prevent the sticks being lost up the nasal passage. The "spoon" was an afterthought so people wouldn't be offended when offered this device with their noodle order. Also as Tall Face quite rightly noticed in the design's shape, 98% of Americans wont put sperm or anything looking like sperm up their noses.

Until it has a clock embedded in it, I'm not buying this.

Froggetmee could be from Frog (it does look kinda like a dead frog) get noodles (in some part of south east asia, noodles is called mee)
Fantastic.. a dead frog that helps you to get your serving of delicious noodles.

No clock? No USB drive? No platinum? Some gadget.

Still better than the Zune tattoo.

Hmm...Is it odd that the only thing I'm focusing on is the pitifully small amount of noodles is the bowl? Where is this thing from? North Korea?

no asian in their right mind would use this.


@ #10
true.. can't use fork & knife.. it's ok.... can't use chopstick.. better don't eat hahaha

HaHaHA!!! Wait, WHat the hell are these?!

But what would Rachel Ray call it?? A chopoon? Spoonsticks?

The only thing I can think of when I see this is like the chork, a combination of the name of a chopstick and a fork. So I came up with choon, or a more unfortunate name... the spick.... ouch.

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