Jun 25 2007Car Tent



The car tent is a tent designed to look like a car cover, so you can go camping in the city without being disturbed. And really, who doesn't go camping in the city? When you get hungry you just shoot a business man and cook him over an open flame. Delicious!

More pictures of the car tent after the jump, and thanks to Gar for sending these in.



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holy waste of money, time and energy. really, i don't want to have to dome in my car everytime i park. imagine being a pizza delivery guy...
hot damn..

and to you faggots saying "first" well you're all still faggot ass losers.

ooooooo cause sleeping on pavement looks comfortable! really..
and what the hell would you want to sit on concrete just to read the paper in some ugly ass car shaped tent for?


oh, and i agree, "firsts" comments are for cunt scabs!

Really, if you hate yourself this much, please, do us all a favor and kill yourself. Thanks.

Ah but wouldn't this be great for those geeks, who want to be first inline for movies, book signings etc?

Can you list the source?

I want to buy one as I have recently been evicted and I would like to live in front of my former home so I can yell obscenities at the bastards who buy my home on power of sale for less then the price the I owed the bank at the time.

Lousy banks...

That'd be awesome in the middel of the forrest.
"Who the hell parks their car out here?!"

What the hell is wrong with sleeping in a dumpster? It keeps the rain off and is more rain-proof than these. I caught a prostitute in the dumpster/skip behind my work and called the police, apparently she said to them it was the guys birthday and therefore a freebie.... Lucky guy!! (True story, so to find it funny you had to be there at the time... )

I think the only practical purpose for this is as a means of reserving your metropolitan area parking space with a decoy car.

Complaining about first comments are for cuntscabs!

this is for "smartass"

maybe you should learn to
a) make your payments
b) read the mortgage before signing the dotted line
c) uhhhh still make your f-ing payments
d) sell the house before they'd forclosed on your dumb ass
e) been smart enough to do something to the house while living in it in order to increase the value
g) buy something you could afford in the first place
and last but not least

f***in morons!

You're right, none, people who make sarcastic comments are big jerks.

whatever rubs your buddha.

Say what you want about the "First" posting folks, but it doesn't make any sense to call them "faggots". I don't know that much about gay culture- is that something gay people often do? Why not just call them "niggers" or "spics"?

so all you'd really need is THIS: http://www.geekologie.com/2007/06/wear_your_seat.php....and maybe some of these? http://www.geekologie.com/2007/06/wear_your_seat.php....then i think you'd be set

i really f***ed THAT all up : (

i'll officially be changing my name to Stupid Face for any future comments

It might be good for a stakeout. But it might be more effective to sit in a really car. Of course if you don't own a car this is your only option.

Manuel, you're right, maybe they're nigger faggots married to a spic with an adopted like chink ass kid that comes from a jap mother and rag-headed father...

End this shit and everyone put a cock in their mouths!

wow. really badly designed. tsk tsk.

And when some drunk rear ends your "car", YOU DIE! Awesome idea.

1st post

@ #6
Or the mountains.
"How the hell did they drive that up here?"

If you were on a walking tour of the country or something of that nature it would be nice. Besides, you wouldn''t have to sleep on the concrete, that's what sleeping pads are for.

and what happens when a drunk driver plows his car into your roadside tent?

What is that man in third picture wearing, and why is he in a car-tent with a younger girl. I laugh at the thought of some homeless fellow urinating on their tent.

Why is the guy dressed like a bumble bee? That's really my only inquiry about the matter.

Most tents come with an attached ground cover so you're not laying in the dirt, or concrete as the case may be. Also, props on the design of bisecting the floor with a steal rod so no ordinarily sized person could possibly lay down. I'd have never thought of that.


Where does this story originate from?

Needs tax and insurance else they'll be fined

This is just another clever way to avoid the scrutiny of the meter maid.

I mean, what could you have to say to her?

"I've already made the monthly payment!"

..I would so put one of these on the roof.

And cops can't tap the car window to see what's going on in there when it's shaking like an epileptic schizo. Just tell 'em you're remodeling your home!

Dude, now I'll have something to sleep in while waiting for the xbox720 or the ps4 to come out. I love camping outside target!

this qualifies for "so" and "freaking" but not "cool" so much

This could be used with great skill for awesome pranks. An idea:

Set it up in ur work/school's restroom. Watch as people go in, and wonder how a car got there. (this would be far more effective in a multi-story building.)

one of the worst things ive seen a while..

camping in a city on concrete, with no ground sheet, next to a road and it doesnt even look like a car

Like Mike in post #29 I wonder, where this story originates from. The pictures where taken in Vienna next to the Museumsquartier (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=de&geocode=&q=mariahilferstra%C3%9Fe+3,+wien&sll=48.201841,16.359533&sspn=0.005199,0.010042&ie=UTF8&ll=48.201852,16.36066&spn=0.005199,0.010042&t=k&z=17&om=1 - works in map mode, in the satellite picture: go from the arrow tip to the left in a straight line to where shadow meets sunlight, somewhere there stood the car tent.) As the "Humanic" shoe store in the back of the first picture indicates, the pictures are rather old - I would say more than one year, could be two, before the shop was refurbished.

just simplified the google map link of my previous post with the help of http://tinyurl.com/2vaqqb

Great idea, but dangerous. I'd worry about being sideswiped by a car. At least one car a week gets it on my street. Now, if it had a safety cage...

I'd hit it. Great idea.

is that man Denice the menace?

That chick's pretty hot, though. I'd do 'er in a car tent.

Isn't camping in the city defeating the purpose of camping?

who do they think theyr'e fooling? it doesn't look anything like a car.

I love the political statement. If cars can polute public space, why can't i......

Your all just mad cuz you didnt invent some crazy shit like they did... HATERS.

Stick one up in Manchester City Centre, I bet you get both a parking ticket and a F*CKING Community Charge bill ! - not to mention some idiot will start a demonstration complaining it's not GREEN !

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I love to go to reading in this

Just saw this. If designed in proper tent fashion, it'd be real handy for stealth camping on side roads or next to the highway. Nobody's gonna get close enough to check that out at night.

I thought it was kinda cool in some ways I mean you can try a parking lot and set a motion dector to play a recording to stay away. But this maybe inpractable.

Man I would to see that thing towed and the look on the truck driver's face.

ok so I read this and holy crap I just died and came back to life i mean really camping in the city I mean i have heard it all.

I'de do it just so i can tell my friends.. yeaa... i slept out on the streets last night.. yep. i'm cool ;D

I like your car tent, but what's stopping people from lifting it up and looking inside?

welcome to my video game

مبروك عليك يا مجيك ومبروك

ont two thre viva lalgeri kol manesmae3ha ichewk lahmi

I have four words for you all that will perfectly explain the usefulness of this invention. SAVE YOUR PARKING SPACE.

Did you tards ever think its not for as serious use you dumb fucks think it is for ? Lets say im traveling and dont want to pay up for a hostel. Better then getting an overnight train from paris to frankfurt. Fucking white fucks.

Car tents become very popular to camping in the city or out of it.

This would be good for saving your parking space for you.

Fuck all you people saying this is a waste of time and money and how it would be uncomfortable sleeping on pavement. This is awesome. It's obviously not something you would backpack with but it's something you could take on a long drive and use instead of a hotel. I love it and would love to buy one. Keep up the good work.

This is awesome i don't need a hotel when i go to newyork next month

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