Jun 29 2007 See-Saw Bookshelf


The See-Saw Bookshelf is exactly what it sounds like: a giant see-saw for you to put your books on. Although I'm not sure what kind of person could actually put this in their home. I guess it's targeted at all the people out there who happen to live in a playground.

Jun 29 2007 The Lawnchair


The Lawnchair is the absolute most literal lawn chair ever. It's made from steel and rubber, and topped off with sod. As in grass. As in an actual lawn. Get it? Because it's a lawn chair? The literalness!

The Lawnchair also comes with a built-in moisturizing system that distributes moisture under the sod, minimizing evaporation and run-off. Although I can't imagine why anybody would want a chair made out of grass. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? It's like building a bed out of dirt. Or a boat out of water. Or some other thing that doesn't make any sense at all.

Jun 29 2007 iPhone Released


In case you haven't heard, the iPhone comes out today. And people are losing their god damned minds. I don't want to brag but I already got my hands on three. Don't worry though, I ate them. So, you know, it's all good.

Jun 28 2007 The Best License Plate Ever


I don't know if it's the absolute best license plate ever but it's definitely in the top ten. As is my license plate, which is actually just a puppy I stapled to my car.


Jun 28 2007 Transforming Trey Office Chair


The Trey is a multifunction chair that has a detachable base, so it basically transforms from a desk chair into a rocker with an extra surface for use as a foot stool, desk, side table, or anything else you can think of. It costs $299 and actually seems like a great chair for use in dorms or apartments. Although back when I was in college we didn't use chairs. We used saw dust. And we walked uphill both ways in ten feet of snow to get to school. Yeah, it was pretty tough back then.

Jun 28 2007 The PushPin Light


The PushPin Light serves not only as a desktop lamp, but also as a message board which you can pin your memos and reminders to. You turn the light on and off by pushing the pin unit down, and you can get it for $50 from Design Town. Or you can be like me and build your own. And by build your own I mean stick push pins into a light bulb. It doesn't exactly function, but it does ruin a perfectly good light bulb.

Jun 28 2007 Zorse is half zebra half horse


From The Sun:

Dad was a zebra stallion, mum was a horse ... so their odd-looking offspring is known as a zorse. The animal, called Eclyse, can be seen at a safari park in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany.

I had sex with a fish once. The results weren't nearly as pretty.

NOTE: Did I seriously just make up a story that I had sex with a fish? I need to lie down.

Jun 28 2007 YG Acoustics Voyager $100k Speakers


YG Acoustics has created their line of Voyager loudspeakers which come in at $100,000 per pair. And even if you have the money (which you don't) you probably can't get them because they're only available to music and film "industry leaders." Each speaker is made of cast aluminum and weighs more than 200 pounds.

Our approach towards achieving perfect sound is 100% scientific—the loudspeaker sounds absolutely realistic, without emphasizing any aspect of reproduction over another. Our designs offers zero compromise—they are indistinguishable from live sound.

These things look spectacular. Although if I ever bought them I'd expect them to transform into robots and start kicking people's asses. I've always wanted speakers that looked like they were about to kill me.


Jun 27 2007 DH1 Disaster House


Designer Gregg Fleishman has designed this DH1 Disaster House, which is a 14 square foot shelter built out of sustainable European birch. The entire thing assembles without fasteners, which makes it especially useful in emergency situations. Plus I've always wanted to live in a home random people could walk by and disassemble.

Jun 27 2007 Mobile Protector


If you find yourself in the market for a super ugly cell phone holster, check out the StrapYa Mobile Protector. It costs $25 and looks like it was built out of junk some guy found in his garage. I mean cell phone holsters are nerdy enough, but this is pushing the limits of human comprehension. You'd look cooler if you just duct taped your cell phone to your waist.

Jun 27 2007 Ferrari Visio Binoculars


I'm not sure why, but William Optics has teamed up with Ferrari and created their new Ferrari Visio binoculars. The waterproof, 25mm binoculars come in a red carbon fiber body and have 8x magnification with fully multi-coated lenses. And I guess they go really fast. Or something.

Jun 27 2007 Human CD Holder


The Human CD Holder features human figurines positioned to look like they're holding up your CDs. The guy seems pretty weak though, since the holder is pretty small and can only fit a few CDs. Unlike me. I'm strong. I can hold, like, ten at a time.

Jun 27 2007 Motorcycle Engine USB Hub


Some awesome folks in Japan have created this replica of a motorcycle engine that also happens to be a USB hub. Turn it on and the thing rumbles and makes noises like an actual motorcycle engine. And because that wouldn't be weird enough on its own, this thing is also a USB hub. So you can run your USB gadgets through it while letting it rumble on your desk. Because, you know, sure, why not?


Jun 26 2007 Pacific Ocean Sunset From Space


Man, God's really on a roll here.

Jun 26 2007 Meltdown Chair


Designer Tom Price has created this chair by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a ball of polypropylene rope.

The rope begins to liquify as it comes into contact with the heated former and, as it cools, it sets in the shape of a seat creating a contrast in form and texture to the remaining rope. No additional material has been added to make the seat - it is all made from melted rope.

Why stop at rope? Why not just pile together some garbage and make a seat out of that? Or melt down an existing chair? Or your grandma? The possibilities are endless!


Jun 26 2007 Criss Angel Exposed


Criss Angel attempts to cause a moving object to vanish in front of a real live audience on top of a parking garage in Las Vegas. He speeds along the parking lot in a go-kart towards men with fire extinguishers. They discharge the CO2 creating a cloud of smoke into which Criss vanishes. Pretty impressive, however due to a mistake in a camera angle, and the wonderful technology of cable TV recording devices, slow motion reveals his secret.

Check out the full explanation here.

Jun 26 2007 Homemade Terminator


This guy built a homemade Terminator out of some random junk. Although it doesn't really look like a Terminator, so it's really more of a robotic junk person than anything. I think it takes a little more than gluing pieces of metal together to be considered a Terminator. Traveling back in time and wearing Arnold Schwarzenegger's skin helps.


Jun 26 2007 Poseidon 180 Superyacht


If you've got $50 million to spare (and really, who doesn't?), you can get the Poseidon 180, a superyacht designed for Bugatti yachts.

The revolutionary Poseidon 180 Superyacht features the military developed Bentley Yachts' Air Cavity Hull, a innovative hull Design which offers reduced hydrodynamic drag for about 30% better fuel efficiency than conventional monohulls with unsurpassed seakeeping and stability in heavy seas, making sea sickness a thing of the past!

So if the gentle rocking of the sea won't make you sick, the knowledge that you just dropped $50 million should. As should the jar of Ebola I just threw at your face!


Jun 26 2007 iPhone Size


Can't figure out just how big the iPhone is going to be? iPhoneSize is trying to correct the problem by using everyday objects to give you a frame of reference. I tried a similar website but it didn't work out because my hands are so much more huge and manly than the average person.

Jun 25 2007 Aurora Borealis From Space


Pretty nice, God, but it's not nearly as pretty as this picture I drew of a cat.

Jun 25 2007 Air Guitar Pro


The Air Guitar Pro is a guitar designed for air guitarists that actually plays music. You hold the chord buttons on the fretboard and then strum the air. Infrared sensors in the neck detect the hand motions and it plays the note. If you're not into playing your own music it also comes with preloaded tracks. The final product will ship in July but importer HimeyaShop is taking pre-orders now for about $27. Although actually playing music kind of defeats the purpose of an air guitar. It's like having an imaginary friend who's also a real person. Who wants that!

Jun 25 2007 Car Tent



The car tent is a tent designed to look like a car cover, so you can go camping in the city without being disturbed. And really, who doesn't go camping in the city? When you get hungry you just shoot a business man and cook him over an open flame. Delicious!

More pictures of the car tent after the jump, and thanks to Gar for sending these in.

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Jun 25 2007 Holden Monero GTS Grill


Some guy named Hof in Australia built a custom BBQ grill out of a classic Holden Monero GTS. And me? Well I built one out of my Lamborghini. Best $300,000 I ever spent.

Jun 25 2007 PuchiPuchi Bubble Wrap Toy


Bandi has introduced the PuchiPuchi infinite bubble wrap toy, which tries to capture the fun of popping bubble wrap on a tiny toy key chain. It's designed to mimic the sound and feel of popping bubble wrap, and for every 100 pops will include a “door chime”, “barking dog”, “fart”, or “sexy voice.” It was even designed with the Puchipuchi bubble wrap company, meaning it's probably the most realistic bubble wrap simulator in the world. Assuming, of course, there are other bubble wrap simulators. And why wouldn't there be? Sure, cancer is still a problem, but dammit, I need more scientists working on my bubble wrap simulators.

Product Page [via]

Jun 25 2007 Bamboo Jeep


Why buy a jeep when you can just build one out of bamboo? This thing was built in the Philippines and was originally used for personal use, but has begun being used for important officials who visit the province. Because nothing says class like a car built out of vegetables.


Jun 22 2007 Quartz Telephone


From the designer's site:

The number keys are like pieces of pretty quartz crystal (with LED light at the bottom). Once pressed, the key will shine like brilliant jewel. The super large screen, the perfect display of incoming call, and such functions as calendar, phone book and super luxurious speaker phone all add up to the great enjoyment of the home phone luxury.

I believe it's just a concept, but that's one of the most stunning phones I've ever seen. It looks like it'd break at the touch, but the two hours you get to spend looking at it before it does would be totally worth it.

Jun 22 2007 The Pool Treadmill


The Pool Treadmill allows you to swim in your pool as if it were a full-sized lap pool. Turn it on and it creates a downstream current of up to 6 mph. Sadly, the thing costs $3,999.95. For that price I could probably just buy a river. Or Australia. I have no idea how much things cost...

Product Page [via]

Jun 22 2007 Catapult Watch


The catapult watch is exactly what it sounds like, a watch that's also a catapult. It shoots BBs, dried peas, basically anything you can fit into the little launcher on the face. It's made out of stainless steel and claims to be able to shoot the projectiles up to 8 feet across the room. You can get them for $49, although it might be a better idea to keep your money and stick to just throwing things with your arm. Because, well, look at it. I'm not stylish by any sense of the word, but I'd rather tape a wall clock to my wrist.

Jun 22 2007 HRP-3 Promet Mk-II blue-collar robot


The HRP-3 Promet Mk-II is a robot designed to take over blue-collar jobs. It stands 5' 3", weighs 150 pounds, and is part of a 5-year joint effort by Kawada Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) to develop a humanoid robot with sufficient skills to enter the workforce. Pink Tentacle writes:

[It's] tough enough to trudge through heavy rains, carry out disaster relief operations and work in environments hazardous to humans, demonstrated its skills at a June 21 press conference at Kawada Industries headquarters in Tochigi prefecture. In addition to flaunting its ability to walk on slippery surfaces, the robot showed off its electric screwdriver wielding talents by taking the opportunity to tighten up some loose screws.

I don't see this thing actually replacing any employees considering it costs $3.3 million. Maybe I'm just out of touch with society, but that seems slightly higher than the average blue-collar worker's salary. Slightly.

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Jun 22 2007 Pleo the Robotic Dinosaur


Pleo is a dinosaur robot similar to an AIBO. Each one is unique, in that they start off as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus but then develop their own personality, mood, and habits. It's created by the same guy who created the Furby and was introduced awhile ago, but now they're finally taking pre-orders. The units cost $349 and won't ship until October, but they look cool as hell. I defy you to check one out in action and not want to buy one. I also defy you to look into my eyes and not fall in love.

Jun 21 2007 Human Tetris


Ever wondered why Japanese television is better than anything else in the entire world? It's because they come up with ridiculous game shows like this. And by ridiculous I mean super genius.

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Jun 21 2007 Life Bank One Bottle Top


The Life Bank One is a little coin counter that you can screw onto the top of bottles, turning any empty bottle into a piggy bank. Or, uh, change bank. Unless it happens to be a pig bottle, in which case, yeah, piggy bank. Unfortunately, the thing only counts 1 yen coins, which means it's completely useless unless you live in Japan and only get 1 yen coins in change. And really, who doesn't?

Jun 21 2007 Cell Phone Handcuff Strap


Strap-Ya is selling this cell phone strap that looks like a set of tiny metallic handcuffs. The handcuffs actually lock with the included keys, so you can use them to attach your phone to your belt strap. Or do whatever else it is you'd want to do with tiny functional handcuffs. I guess you could, I dunno, arrest some fingers or something.

Jun 21 2007 Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Baby Stroller


This is a baby stroller that's been modded into a Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker. There's not much info available about the stroller except that it was photographed by multiple attendees of the Star Wars Celebration IV convention held in Los Angeles. And I think it's safe to say this qualifies as one of the greatest baby strollers ever. Second only to the one I built out of rusty nails. Stylish and safe!

Jun 20 2007 Solid State Musical Tesla Coil


Ever seen a Tesla coil make music before? You have now. This is a solid state musical Tesla coil. Tesla coils normally operate at a frequency inaudible to human ears, but the musical Tesla coil produces sound by rapidly turning on and off at audible frequencies. Similar to how a fart works, only not similar at all and completely different.

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Jun 20 2007 Froggetmee Combines Spoon And Chopsticks


Froggetmee is a combination utensil similar to the Chork which combines a soup spoon and pair of chopsticks. It costs $8 off shopmodi, though I don't understand how they named it. I know it's tough to combine 'soup spoon' and 'chopsticks' into one word, but 'froggetmee' isn't even close. It's like they just dropped something on their keyboard and went, "Yeah, that's a good name for this."

Jun 20 2007 Greatest USB Drive Ever


Thanks to this commenter for sharing the greatest USB drive ever created. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy electronics off the streets of China, but don't be surprised if your new computer turns out to be a stack of bricks glued to a lamp.

Jun 20 2007 Bulgari Assioma Multicomplication Squelette $155k Watch


The Bulgari Assioma Tourbillon Multicomplication Squelette is a watch which features a perpetual calendar as well as a tourbillon. The case is made from platinum and has double sapphire cyrstals, and the tourbillon movement employs the Caliber BVL 416 which has a 64 hour power reserve. The watch is limited edition and only twenty will be made, with each costing $155,000. Which sounds like a totally reasonable price. Because, you know, it makes sense for your watch to cost more than your car. Although I drive a cardboard box on wheels, so a Burger King watch would probably cost more than my car.


Jun 20 2007 Gold Disk On Key $2000 USB Drive


The Gold Disk On Key is a USB drive made out of 14K gold with three diamonds inset that are backlit and light up when the drive is working. The drive also has a 4GB capacity, which means it's totally worth the $2,000 price tag. And by worth it I mean totally not worth it. Although it's still cheaper than this $3,500 USB drive. Which means if you show up to your annual rich person's meeting with the Gold Disk On Key you'll be laughed out of the room.

Jun 19 2007 Super Deformed Star Wars Plush


Entertainment Earth has Super Deformed Star Wars Plush dolls for $12.99 each, which are expected to go on sale sometime this month. They stand 7 inches tall and look absolutely great. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up buying all of them and re-enacting a super cute version of Star Wars in my bedroom. I mean, wait, no. I meant doing manly stuff. In my bedroom. And everywhere. Always manly stuff. *flexes*

Jun 19 2007 Wear Your Seat


The Wear Your Seat is basically a semi-rigid padded cushion that you wear on your back so you can sit down comfortably no matter where you are. It actually looks pretty comfortable, but they can't actually expect to sell any of these can they? I mean, look at it. The only people that would actually wear this in public are neon TMNT fans and people who hate themselves.

Jun 19 2007 The Carpet Alarm Clock


Designers Sofie Collin and Gustav Lanber have developed The Carpet Alarm Clock, which forces you to get up and step on it in order to turn it off. Which sounds pretty good in theory, but you'd just end up walking back to your bed and falling asleep. What they really need to do is develop an alarm clock that just lights you on fire in the morning.

Jun 19 2007 Sheila's Heels convertible stiletto


Sheila's Wheels, a spinoff division of UK insurance company eSure, has created a pair of convertible stilettos. The company markets insurance to women and found that British women regularly wear inappropriate footwear when driving, so they developed Sheila's Heels, which is a regular stiletto that folds down flat for driving. It even has a grip pattern on the sole for better pedal control. Although I can't imagine a single woman actually buying these. You might as well turn in your vagina and call it quits as a female.

Jun 19 2007 Bomba Flip Clock


Dutch designer Will Vanden Vos has reinvented the classic flip clock from the seventies and called it the Bomba Alarm Clock. He removed the casing to expose the inner-workings, and the clock is illuminated by two LEDs. They're currently only available in Japan for about $80. And me? Well I'm available for free. Call me, ladies.

Jun 18 2007 Pistol Clock


You know what's a good idea? Having a desk clock in the shape of a metal revolver. The pistol clock costs $20 and is perfect to keep in your pocket so you can whip it out whenever you need to know the time. Especially around police officers. Don't even wait for them to ask the time, just pull it out and tell them. You'll be doing them a favor. Just make sure to get their attention first by yelling something like, "Hey, cop!" And then yank it out of your pocket quickly. For extra fun you should also probably yell "Bang bang bang!" Because, you know, people really like hearing that right before the time.

Jun 18 2007 Epoq EMP-CVWD-2 video watch


The Epoq EMP-CVWD-2 is a watch which plays MP4 video on a 1.8 inch screen. The watch also serves as a photo viewer and MP3 player, and is disguised as a regular dress watch. The 2GB model costs $199.95, although a 4GB model will be available as well. Because, really, the world needs more ways to look at porn on your wrist. I'm assuming this is less conspicuous than my current method: taping issues of Playboy to my arm.


Jun 18 2007 Best Arcade Basketball Guy Ever

Man, I hate it when people tape me playing those arcade basketball games.

Jun 18 2007 Nintendo DS Pencil Stylus


If a regular stylus just isn't gimmicky enough for your Nintendo DS, you can get one of these pencil-shaped ones. They're only available in Japan and are like a regular DS stylus except thicker. Although personally I just use a regular pencil on my DS. It doesn't work at all and only scratches the screen, but that's a small price to pay for looking cool.

Jun 18 2007 Customizable LOL Shirts


From the online store:

Although the "im in ur" meme started off with virtual death and destruction (I'm in your base killing your d00dz), it was quickly overtaken by the legions of cute, fluffy, and irresistible. (And by that we mean cats.) Reclaim the phrase for the humans by captioning yourself. This shirt is full of write-on, wash-off goodness. Tell everyone you're in their noun verbing their noun! Bored with what you wrote this morning? Throw the shirt in the wash and think up a new saying. It's like Mad Libs meets Photoshop in a head-to-head deathmatch on your chest.

Imagine the possibilities! Visiting in-laws? We recommend, "im in ur offspring sproutin' ur family tree." Stuck at the office? May we suggest, "im in ur meeting eatin' ur donuts." Out for some wardriving? How about "im in ur unsecured network downloadin' ur pr0n." Techs could proudly wear their own "im in ur computer upgradin' ur RAM" shirts. Or for a more recursive bent, how about "im in ur lolbots crashin' ur server"?

If you have no idea what this shirt is referring to, congratulations, there may be hope for you yet.

Jun 15 2007 Mechanical Watch Movement Cuff Links


These mechanical watch movement cuff links are made from 20th century gears, levers, and jewels, and set in 18K gold. The watch innards were all taken from authentic vintage watches from the early to mid 20th century. Judging from their description I can't figure out if they're functional though. At $1,400 a set you'd expect them to be, but there's no face so they'd just be rotating openly on your sleeves. Which would be cool as hell, until you got your tie stuck in the gears and killed yourself. They'd find you dead on the ground, suffocated to death with your wrist stuck to your throat.

Jun 15 2007 Used Soccer Ball Purse


Have a used soccer ball lying around? Turn it into a purse. Or better yet, eat it. Delicious!


Jun 15 2007 Batman's New Suit


This is Batman's new suit from the upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight. And wow does it look good. It looks like actual body armor, instead of the typical skin-tight latex with nipples drawn on. Although really, nothing says "I'm scary and here to kick ass" like some fake nipples and a huge crotch bulge.

Jun 15 2007 Stolen Jewels


Designers Mike and Maaike found some low resolution pictures of famous and expensive jewelry using Google Image Search and then stole, doctored, and transferred the images to leather. The result is this pixelated leather jewelry which I guess resembles the real thing from really really far away.


Jun 14 2007 The 10 Second IQ Test

According to this, I'm a super duper genius. And according to my mom, I'm a little prince!

Jun 14 2007 Insane Boeing 747 Landing


I can't tell if this is the best landing I've ever seen or the worst. But it's definitely the most insane. I'm pretty sure the pilot got his license out of the inside of a Cracker Jacks box.

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Jun 14 2007 Sexy Undwear Cellphone Strap


The always awesome Japanese have created a line of lingerie for your cellphone. For about $9 you can get a pair of bra or panties which you can attach and hang from it. And if you don't want to put them on your cellphone I guess you could always wear it. I mean, 2 inch lingerie? That's hot.

Jun 14 2007 Playground Fence


"Playground Fence", designed by Tejo Remy, is a playful re-interpretation of playground fences.

Not only are the protrusions and recessions of the fence eye-catching, but they allow for a more active interaction between those on either sides of the fence, providing seats, benches, nooks and playspaces for children.

It's a pretty neat idea, although it hasn't been put into use yet. Tejo says he's looking for public commissions for his design and I hope he gets them. The only fence I had to play with as a kid was electrified. Yeah, my parents were pretty strict.

Jun 14 2007 Scanner Built Into Book


Datamancer has put together this flatbed scanner built into a bound leather book. The scanner sits inside a sheet metal frame with the book built around it. There's really no practical use for this, but it looks super cool. I guess you could pretend to put a piece of paper in your book and then scan it. Perfect for spies, except that you'd have to walk around with a suspiciously huge leather book all the time.

Jun 14 2007 The Box


The Box is designed to look like a normal cardboard box but it's actually soft and built for sitting on. And they look cool and all, but the site lists the price as €349 (about $465 US dollars) which is just absolutely ridiculous. For that price they should be made out of Fabergé Eggs.

Jun 13 2007 Tunnel Through House


Just in case you were wondering, yes, every home needs a bizarre tunnel running straight through it. More shots of this curious thing after the jump.

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Jun 13 2007 TSK-VX7 Touch-Screen Keyboard


The TSK-VX7 is a touch-screen wireless keyboard that was presented during Computex Taipei 2007. Since there's no keys to push down on it seems way too easy to make errors. It looks cool (and by cool I mean stolen from Star Trek), but I can't see this actually functioning as a mainstream keyboard. Although to be fair I can't see much of anything. My glasses are like Coke bottles.


Jun 13 2007 Titan luxury flashlight


SureFire has created the Titan, which they claim is the world's first luxury flashlight. It's the first (and only) fully variable-output flashlight and has an operating range from zero to 65 lumens. There are no preset levels meaning you can get every output level in between. It has a titanium body and a scratch-resistant sapphire window, and the whole thing costs a whopping $500. Because why eat food when you can, you know, own a flashlight?

Jun 13 2007 MacTruck super tough notebook case


MacTruck is a case built for Mac notebooks made from 5052-H32 aluminum alloy, a super tough magnesium aluminum alloy used for making tanks. The MacTruck starts at $200, and the manufacturers claim you can drive a truck over it and your computer will survive. Plus it would look crazy cool handcuffed to your wrist. You could put on sunglasses and a suit and everything.

Jun 12 2007 Full Size Camarasaurus Dinosaur Replica


If you've got $56,000 lying around (and really, who doesnt?) you can get yourself this full size Camarasaurus Dinosaur Replica. It stands 6 meters high and 17 meters long, and is basically the coolest possible thing you could ever put on your lawn. Unless, you know, you dug up Elvis' grave and put his corpse on your lawn. I guess that might be cooler.

NOTE: If you also purchased this thing, you would officially be my king.

EDIT: I had an additional zero when I converted the mm to meters. No, this thing isn't larger than a football field.

Jun 12 2007 Home Theater Pool Table


The folks at Heiron & Smith have put together this ridiculous home theater pool table which they call The Executive. It costs $12,000 but it's well worth it, my friends. Why? Because it has built in speakers, a tiny LCD screen (which you'd probably have to sit on the ground to see), and a built in PS2. I can hardly believe the value! I mean, a PS2! It's like packaging this thing with a dinosaur fossil. And those are practically priceless! Seriously though, you'd be better off feeding your money to zoo animals than buying this thing.

Jun 12 2007 Warping Wallpaper


The guys over at Surrealien have developed a process of placing wallpaper so that it looks distorted by the objects it surrounds. Whereas wallpaper is usually placed haphazardly around objects, the warping wallpaper is placed consciously with the environment. Although if you actually put this stuff in your home I give you a week before you start losing your mind.

Jun 12 2007 Guy Gets Zune Tattoo


I was wondering if there was anybody dumb enough in the world to actually get a Microsoft Zune tattoo, and apparently there is. Thanks, Internet. For the porn too.


Jun 11 2007 $1 Million Ice Cream Cone


Bruster's Real Ice Cream unveiled the world's first $1 million ice cream cone (left) at the JCK Las Vegas Show, based on their signature waffle cone (right). It was created by diamond manufacturer Lazare Kaplan International Inc. and consists of nearly 20 troy ounces of 18k white and yellow gold, 548 round Lazare Diamonds, 87 Lazare square emerald cut diamonds, and one 5.63 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond. The total carat weight comes to 152.16 and the cone is on sale for $1 million. Although it seems like false advertising to call this thing an ice cream cone when there's not a single bit of ice cream in it. What if somebody buys this thing actually looking for ice cream? Man, I bet they'd be so pissed.


Jun 11 2007 Importance Of Seat Belts


This is a PSA on the importance of seat belts. I'm a little curious how they managed to film it though. Either they've got some really good special effects guys or they just murdered two people.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Jun 11 2007 Levitating Light Bulb


This floating light bulb is part of an art exhibit that will be shown at Sonar in Barcelona later this week. It's electromagnetically levitated and powered wirelessly so that it'll be on while floating in midair. If somebody could make a commercial version I'm sure they'd be hugely popular. Just like me. With the ladies. Rowr!

Jun 11 2007 The Auto Mower


The Auto Mower is like a giant Roomba for your lawn. It self-charges at a docking station and then goes off and mows your lawn on its own or at a set schedule. The thing costs $2,000, but is more environmentally friendly than regular gas-powered lawnmowers. Plus regular lawn mowers don't look like they'd chase you around and try to kill you. Would you seriously want a giant robot with spinning blades roaming freely around your home?

Jun 11 2007 Russian ATM Runs Un-Activated Windows


This is an ATM in Russia displaying an error message saying that Windows needs to be activated within seven days. Just another reason why banks probably shouldn't get all their software off BitTorrent.


Jun 8 2007 Mad Mother Psychoshower Curtain


From the site:

Either place this shower curtain facing away from the tub as a funny, decorative piece. Or, face it into the tub. When your "victim" takes a shower and pulls the curtain closed, they will get a frightening surprise. A hilarious prank to play on unsuspecting guests!

Of as an even more hilarious prank, actually stab them through the shower curtain with a knife! Ha ha ha! Oh the laughs to be had!

Jun 8 2007 The Face Bank Robotic Piggy Bank


The Face Bank is a money eating piggy bank robot which features an object-sensitive sensor to distinguish between coins. And when I say 'money eating' I mean like it actually eats money. It moves its mouth and everything. Although I can't figure out if this thing is supposed to be cute or horrifying or what. Let's just go with...erotic.

Check out a video of the Face Bank in action after the jump.

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Jun 8 2007 Gold And Diamond USB Stick


This USB stick comes in either 14 or 18 carat gold and is available with diamonds for $3,500 or without diamonds for $2,800. It doesn't even list the storage capacity because, well, who cares about that crap. The only goal when you buy something like this is to show off how rich you are. Personally, I just tape a bunch of cash to my USB stick. $100 bills, baby. That's how I roll.


Jun 8 2007 Wooden PC Peripherals


MARUBENI INFOTEC presented a variety of wooden PC peripherals in Taiwan recently, including a keyboard, USB memory, card reader, and USB hub. Wood's cool and all, but when are they going to make these things out of marshmallow? I want my gadgets to be useful and delicious.

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Jun 7 2007 Skoda Capri 205 with wooden tires


This is a Skoda Capri 205 with, uh, wooden tires. And no, that's not some sort of euphemism or metaphor, they're actually tires made out of wood. Like sections of a tree trunk. I can't imagine that's a very comfortable ride, but it still beats my tires: human skulls! Just kidding, that'd be gross.

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Jun 7 2007 FT (Female Type) Robot


Tomotaka Takahashi noticed the dominance of male robots in the industry and decided he'd create a female one, that not only looked female but moved in a feminine way as well. The FT (female type) robot was shown at New York Japan Society's Tech Epoch, where it struck poses à la a runway model. The FT is only a little over a foot tall, but contains 23 motors and two gyroscopes. Although if he ever creates a full size one, he'll have to hire an entire security force to protect it from the assault of nerd penises everywhere.

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Jun 7 2007 Everglide


Everglide is a bicycle designed by Frag Woodall that transforms into a backpack. And, uh, that's all.

Jun 7 2007 The Shade Blade


If you want to be the coolest person EVER, the Shade Blade is for you.

It possesses far reaching impact potential on consumers by providing a solar powered digital arsenal of modular components. The ShadeBlade visor component is constructed of extremely flexible polyester encapsulated photovoltaic modules laminated with an arsenal of thin film rechargeable Li-batteries and circuit board assembly capable of receiving plug and play chips such as: AM/FM radio, marine band radio, walkie talkies, cellular communication and vision transmission technology.

If you really want to complete the ensemble, just put on a fanny pack and some pocket protectors and you'll be good to go. And hike your pants up as high as possible. Oh, man, the Fonz is gonna be so jealous.

Jun 6 2007 Nationwide Ad


No, this isn't Photoshopped. It's an ad for Nationwide Insurance showing paint dripping off a three banner spread across the north side of the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus Ohio. I'm assuming the parked cars are part of the ad, but deep down in my heart I really hope they aren't. Because nothing says good advertising like randomly painting strangers' cars without telling them.

Jun 6 2007 Spelling Bee Champion

And this, my friends, is why you don't home school your children.

Jun 6 2007 Lock Alarm


The Lock Alarm is an alarm that screams at 100 decibels (about as loud as a chain saw or jackhammer) if the cable is cut or the combination lock is attacked. There's also an optional movement sensor that sounds the alarm if the lock is moved, with a time delay which allows a user to lock/unlock before the sensor activates. Although for extra protection, instead of just making noise, the alarm should scream something embarrassing like "I'm looking at gay porn!!!"

Jun 6 2007 Game Boy iPod Case


The Game Boy iPod Case is an iPod case made out of a vintage black and white Game Boy. The iPod is actually controlled through the Game Boy controls so you can change the song and volume with the case closed. It works with the original iPod Mini and also the Nano, and costs $30. It won't protect your iPod the way a titanium case might, but you'll never have more fun changing the songs. Unless you happen to change your songs while going down a water slide. In which case never mind.

Jun 6 2007 Dance Dance Immolation


Dance Dance Immolation is, well, exactly what it sounds like. A couple of insane people got together Saturday night at a warehouse in California and combined Dance Dance Revolution with flamethrowers. Because, you know, that just seems like the logical thing to do.

Jun 5 2007 The Abduction Lamp


The Abduction Lamp is a lamp designed by Lasse Klein to look like a UFO beam. The bulb inside the UFO lights up the beam and the windows and the glass is frosted to distribute light in all directions. You can also swap out the base, so it looks like it's beaming up a person or a cow or anything else you want to place in there. Unfortunately, this thing is currently still in the concept stage. Hopefully by the time it's released it'll be lifesize and stand 100 feet high.

Jun 5 2007 Smart Lid


The Smart Lid is a color changing coffee lid designed to prevent idiots from burning themselves by getting more and more red depending on how hot the coffee is. If they cost about the same as regular coffee lids then sure, get them. Otherwise let's stick with regular coffee lids and let natural selection work things out.

Jun 5 2007 $820 iPod Nano Case


The FACTRON Re-Nano is an $820 iPod Nano case made out of titanium. Designer Kiwami Studio says they use precision tooling similar to that used to build satellites and Formula One cars. Which is exactly the type of over the top craftsmanship I need to protect my $149 iPod Nano. Seriously, this is like buying a Rolls Royce to protect your Hyundai.

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Jun 5 2007 Milkscanner V1.0


Friedrich Kirschner has built a 3D scanner called the Milkscanner v1.0 using just a webcam, Legos, a plastic bowl, and some milk. The Legos are used to hold the webcam up, and basically a manual stop-motion technique is used to get the 3D scan. An object is placed in the bowl and milk is slowly added as the webcam takes photographs. The slices are then stitched together into a 3D model. It's cool and all, but it means anything you want to scan you have to soak in milk. Which is perfect, because I really need a scan of some Lucky Charms.

Jun 4 2007 Credit Card Cutlery


If you've ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I really wish there was a fork and knife in my wallet," then you've got serious mental issues. But you'll also be glad to hear about Credit Card Cutlery designed by Ineke Hans. You can purchase it for $10, and never again will you be without a fork or knife. You know, so if you're in the middle of the desert and a chocolate cake falls from the sky you'll be good to go.

Jun 4 2007 The Reference II $300k turntables


Remember the $19,000 turntable from last week? Well you must be some sort of poor person to buy those, because Goldmund's "The Reference II" turntables cost a mind-blowing $300,000. They're a limited series and only 25 will ever exist, but at $300,000 they're the most expensive turntables on the planet. Unless, of course, you count the one I'm selling for $100 billion. It doesn't actually work, and it's more of a pizza box than a turntable, but whatever.

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Jun 4 2007 Ashcan personal ashtray


The Ashcan is a personal ashtray the size of a cigarette. You just stuff your cigarette in and, because it's airtight, it extinguishes it and traps in the smoke and smell. Unfortunately, they cost a whopping $2.40 each. You'd be better off just extinguishing your cigarettes on the wad of cash you keep in your pocket.

Jun 4 2007 Rubik's Cube Earth


If regular Rubik's Cubes just aren't tough enough for you, try the Rubik's Cube Earth. It costs about $20, and should be significantly harder than regular Rubik's Cubes because it lacks the distinguishing colors. Plus, you also have to know what the Earth actually looks like. If I solved this thing I'd just turn it a few times and yell "Solved!" Then when people asked me why Canada was bordering Japan I'd call them ignorant and tell them to maybe take some geography lessons.

Jun 4 2007 iPhone Commercials


Apple has released some commercials for the iPhone, and it's official release date has been set for June 29. I'll admit, I didn't really care about the iPhone at all until I saw these. The interface looks amazingly slick, although it seems like your fingers would start hurting after all that rubbing. And there's no way their touch screen would be usable by hands as giant and manly as mine.

Jun 1 2007 Nathan Sawaya's LEGO Sculptures


Nathan Sawaya is an artist who creates pretty amazing sculptures out of LEGO bricks. And they're not just recreations of objects, like a car or a building, but actual creative sculptures. Although none of them compare to my LEGO masterpiece: a giant rectangle.

Check out a gallery of Nathan Sawaya's work here.

Jun 1 2007 Google Street View Sightings




Mashable has a great list of their top 15 Google Street View Sightings. I just picked three at random and threw them up, but you can check out the full list here.

Jun 1 2007 Damien Hirst's "For the Love of God"


This piece of art, entitled "For the Love of God", was created by Damien Hirst and will be on display at White Cube Mason's Yard. It's a skull made out of platinum, diamonds, and human teeth. The total thing has 8,601 diamonds and comes in at 1,106.18 carats. It's the most expensive piece of art ever created, costing between $16 and $20 million to make, and $99 million to buy. And totally worth it if you ask me. Why feed starving children in Africa when you can glue diamonds to a skull? It just makes sense.

Jun 1 2007 SleepCart


SleepCart is a shopping cart designed for homeless people. It works as a regular shopping cart but can also transform into a recliner to allow them to rest. Although if they really want to target the homeless they should've made this thing out of food. Or, I dunno, money.

A few more shots of the SleepCart after the jump.

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Jun 1 2007 Bikini Vase


Bikini Vase is a ceramic vase designed by Pickel Pampanel with a plastic pole in it to separate it's halves and expose the flowers. Now if somebody can apply the same design principal to my hot neighbor's wall we'll be in business. The boner business, that is!

Jun 1 2007 Zip Zip Lego USB Memory Sticks


Zip Zip is a USB Memory Stick encased in a Lego brick. Which looks pretty cool, until you accidentally drop it into your box of regular Legos. Then? Well then it looks like the worst USB Memory Stick ever created in the world.