May 9 2007Zippered Wine Glasses


For $99.99 you can get a set of four of these zippered wine glass which features a hand-painted zipper up the side and an actual zipper-pull attached midway. And if this isn't the coolest wine glass you've ever seen, you're a damn liar. Unless you're talking about that wine glass I made out of braided unicorn hair. Yeah, I guess that one was pretty spectacular.

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Yes, that is the coolest wineglass I've seen. Rather than check out the source link, I'm gonna inquire as to how much these cost here in the comments, betting that I'll get an answer faster. How much do these cost?

Me and zippers = bad memories.

I was stuck in traffic one day and just kinda thought it would be funny to masturbate. It was sunny and clear out, so I was worried one of the other drivers would see me, but my jeep is pretty high off the ground, so I think no one noticed. I busted a nut and aimed it down, ruining my tweety bird floor mat. I felt kinda stupid after and my mom kept silent the rest of the drive home.

It was awkward and I regret it.

Some people come with these built-in. In case you don't...Beer belly:

I like the subtle imagery, reminding the sophisticated connoisseur with each sip, that truly, wine is the best way to get inside someone's pants.

Pure class in a glass.

Just joined adult friend finder...
...does any body know how it works its confusing but the girls on here are horny freaks and they look like porn stars.

Yes, James, I believe I do know how it works.
Step 1: Create an account.
Step 2: Probably be told that you've received a message from so-n-so, but only thing you can read is that "you seem really cool, and she's new to town", then told that if only you would pay a membership fee conveniently with your credit card you could get all the info for all the amazingly hot poon that seems to populate you're small town.
Step 3: Pay the fee or, skip step 3 to go directly to step 4.
Step 4: Finally end up trolling craigslist for escorts.

HAHAHA unicorn hair....That is hilarious, however quite unfeasible as I have the last one and am not sharing.

I think it's one of the tackiest and ugliest things I've seen. ... Even for a novelty item.

"Prop 65 Warning: The paint used on the outside of this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm."


wine + zippers + reproductive harm? Sounds like a very interesting evening indeed.

Still, not worth $100. I'll wait until they're outmoded and look for them at thrift stores.

And it's probably from china.

How do you wash them? With your clothes?

tacky, looks like something you would get at gordman's or some crap

Where can i purchase these zipper wine glasses.

that is beyond the coolest thing i have seen

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